1.0. Prologue

I thought I had everything.


Money never mattered to me. All I need was my Mastercard. Chanel? Hermes? Louboutins? Everything was just a swipe away. Being rich had its benefits I suppose. Daddy was loaded, being the founder of Simbook and all. And I was his princess. Granted, I had an annoying sister, but I like to assume I was his princess.

I was definitely living it up. I was the girl with everything. Girls might hate me for it. I didn’t care. In fact I relished seeing them seething with envy. They couldn’t be me.

Until that fateful phone call.

It was when reality smacked me hard in the face.

I was packing for my graduation trip. Europe was my destination. I would be going with my #squadgoals and Kason, my sort-of boyfriend. We would have an amazing time.

And then my phone rang.



I dropped my phone. A scream ripped from my throat. And there was blank.

We sat in stony silence.

Today we held a small memoir for daddy, with only his closest friends. The phones had been buzzing the whole day. I guess it was the headlines. Disgusted, I kicked the cord. The grief was overbearing.

“Miss Moonglow?”

I knew I didn’t invite that dude. Who is he?

“I am Simon Ambrose. I am here to read your father’s will.”

That was the second blow.

Mr Ambrose announced our father had willed Simbook to its Board of Directors. And his entire fortune to charity. We would get nothing out of it, except this house. I couldn’t believe my ears. Father left nothing to us. Nothing.

I recalled those times he preached about surviving on my own. But never did I expect I had to learn the lesson this way. It was too sudden, too soon.


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