1.1 (Re)Order

Note: I know I had broken the most obvious rule by letting Rachel start off in a big house (and trying to pay the lovely bills!) instead of an empty lot. I was inspired by this challenge. And nope, I’m not playing any challenges, just using bits from them to inspire my story.

Losing daddy was hard. But life had to go on.

I hate being reminded of the stark reality that was glaring at us. Life wasn’t the same. And it sucked. I wished I could make problems go away by swiping my Mastercard. I couldn’t. I no longer had daddy.

09-09-16_7:57:03 PM.png

I looked forlornly at the mansion. It was the last reminder of the family I had. It was the last reminder of daddy. I knew we had to keep this roof above our heads, the roof we once knew so well.

Yet harsh reality was harsh. The house had to be maintained and the bills had to be paid. I had to keep the repo man out of the door. Judging from the size, the grandeur, it would be a bomb. Holy shit!

I tried making some salad. It tasted like old socks. 😦


We had to desperately cut our expenses. But it seemed some expenses could not be spared. Like the housekeepers. It made me realise how absolutely rubbish we were at taking care of ourselves. All along we had everything handed to us on a shiny, silver platter. Adjusting to reality was hard. I had doubts how long could we sustain this lifestyle.

“Min. Honours degree…”

“At least 3 years experience…”


I threw my hands up in frustration. I was already at page 30 of the search results. Every job with a somewhat respectable title was out of the question. For the first time, I regretted my lackadaisical attitude towards school. Those classes that I didn’t bother attending. How wrong I was to assume I would have my fortune to fall back on.

Countless clicks later, I submitted my application for Mailroom Technician. It was surprising I got accepted right away. Perhaps that person knew daddy.


Daddy had wanted me to be independent. I would prove to him I can do it.


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