1.2. Rants, Rants, Rants!

Life sucks.

This job was stupid. Expecting employees to be sitting in the office by nine should be a crime against humanity. Don’t get me started on the alarm. I swear it just made me not want to get up. How many times was I late this month? Boo, pay cut.


I could imagine it sucking the life energy out of me. Why couldn’t reports file by themselves? There was no end to those silly reports I had to file. Every. Single. Day. I swear if I wasn’t out of that mailroom soon enough, I might just chuck those reports into the trash. Screw them!

“Oh Watcher! I am not done ranting!”


Family life sucks. I was sick and tired of Becks. Was she still trapped in the denial stage of grief? Or had reality not yet sink into her airhead? She was behaving as if all that shit had not happened. I barely saw her. I would only hear her trudging footsteps, when she tried to sneak back in the dead of night. God knows where she went! And she assumed I wouldn’t notice. Hmpf!


Crinkley-wrinkley Ms Crumplebottom tried to call me 20 times today.  Just to tell me someone from school claimed to have seen Becks hanging out with a boy (of a questionable character, she added snarkily) at the pools. When she should be in school.

“I can’t believe she faked those excuse notes!”

A thousand thoughts raced in my head. Daddy was not around anymore. I knew he would’ve wanted me to take care of Becks. I promised I would. But I wasn’t trained in looking after a hormonal teenager that was as spoilt as I was. My heart sank.

And who was he?

Becks was still out. I had no idea where she is or what was she doing. We don’t really talk.



“WTF Rebecca Moonglow! Where have you been?!!”

My rage denoted, like a nuclear bomb would. Good luck surviving the apocalypse.

“Sup sis?” She groaned. I swear I could have rearranged her face.

She didn’t have the energy to break into a bombast this time. Instead, wearily, she rubbed her eyes. “I was doing a project, and err… dozed off in the… library?” I shook my head. My face was leaden with livid. It was absurd she was expecting me to buy into her cheap excuses.

“Don’t effing bullshit me! You are definitely NOT in school! Ol’ crumply bottom almost tried to bomb my phone!”

My tirade was like a tsunami that had been held back too long. I screeched till my lungs strained. Till my throat burned from all that shouting. I didn’t know what I was screaming about. My arms were flailing in the air and I was gasping for breath between words. My feelings would show I suppose. I did not sign up for this mess. But the worst had happened and somehow I had to get us out of the wreck. The old life of the Moonglows was no more…

And then, my mind went blank.

“I’m sorry, sis.”


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