1.3. Some things, are meant to be…

I was so busy. It was okay I suppose. Despite early morning alarm issues. Perhaps I was slowly getting the rhythm of office work. Slowly coping with life. I never thought I would appreciate the taste of coffee, until now. Perhaps its bitterness resonates with my life now. Bitter, yet enjoyable.


Becks might have wisen up. It seemed so.


She had been trying to help around the house. She started selling her paintings for cash. It seemed she was born with an artistic flair, or perhaps, it was the rebellious side of her manifesting into creativity. Either way, I wouldn’t complain.

And I had been promoted to Assistant Manager. Though I ain’t pleased with that ugly mustard suit. 😦


“C’mon sis! I’ve heard there will be a wild paaarty tonight at the Ancient Ruins!”

I groaned. Office work never ceased to wear me out. I had planned to jump out of that mustard suit and dive straight for the blankets. I couldn’t imagine how my old self could stand all that partying.

“Have you gotten old? Has that cheesy ol’ suit transformed you into a Crumplebottom?”

I could have killed her with my glare. The guts of her to insinuate I was a wizened old bag. Fine! I would go, just to make a statement I’m not a crumpled bottom.

Where the hell did Becks go? She darted off like a rocket soon as we reached.

I felt out of place. After missing the party scene for so long. It wasn’t a decision. Obligations mattered, now that I had to fend for myself. Partying had no place in my schedule all these while.



I squinted again. The light was dimming but I was sure I recognize that dude dancing with Becks. I could make out his shadow, it was someone I had knew so long. Kason. My then sort-of boyfriend. Memories gushed into me as I remembered all those times…


For a second I was glad Becks dragged me here. I motioned to her that I would be making a move. There was so much to talk, which was impossible to do over the blaring music.

“Why didn’t you call me?”


“I was shocked, on the day you told me you could not make it for the trip. I knew you looked forward to it. You kept enthusing every other day. In my head I thought something might be wrong. I waited, hoping to get the answer, but…”

I ransacked my head, finding all the right words to say. But there was none. Too many things had happened and I could not gather my thoughts.


“I missed you.”

Perhaps that was all I wanted to hear.

We had a lot of catching up to do. I didn’t know how long we had spent at the Ruins but it was almost time for work, again. I promised I would call him later.



When I looked into his eyes, I thought I feel a static, that shot through my veins. It reminded me of all those times we had. Those times we tried sneaking into the janitor’s closet (of all places!) for seven minutes in heaven. Those times we tried sending spam to the headteacher, and that fateful trip that was never materialised.

A part of me, had the urge to continue where we had left off. The other part, resisted. It had been too long. And we have never confirmed that relationship. (I might?) Times changed, don’t feelings too? He might have moved on. And I was no longer the Rachel he knew.

“I’m sorry about your dad…

…I promised I would wait. And I still am.”


There was only one thing to do.

Perhaps some things were just meant to be.


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