1.5. Love is…

“It’s the little things you do that make me want you
And the not so little things that make me need you

(Maggie Lindemann – ‘Things’)


Our relationship progressed extraordinarily well. It might be desires at play, or perhaps, a manifestation of that little wish (to take the relationship official) buried so long within our hearts.

It took me some time to pick up the pieces after daddy, and Watcher might have thrown in a tiny heart in the midst. 🙂 All we need was a little spark, to rekindle that love that was never lost.


Reconnecting wasn’t hard at all. It was almost like the old times, but better. We spent days together, binded like siamese twins. It was honeymoon all over again.


Love needs not be grand. It is all about the little things you do. 


I never truly felt how was it like to be in love. But now I do.

He makes me so happy.



I was advancing exceptionally well. I never knew a career in business would be my forte. Perhaps daddy’s influence rubbed off me. Afterall, I had watched him building Simbook to its status today. My jaws dropped, when I was told I was now the new Regional Manager. With that I now have an office to myself. Good riddance, cubicle! And that horrid mustard suit! Life was looking up.

That certainly calls for a celebration. 😉


“I don’t feel too hot…”

I couldn’t believe that time of the month was so late. And I got this bloaty feeling that didn’t seem to go away. (I didn’t swallow a whale I’m sure!) I was unusually tired after a day’s work; my usual cup of joe wasn’t effective either to sustain me till bedtime. I might have to book an appointment with Dr Wilsons someday.



Kason twirled me around upon hearing the news. It was unbelievable we were expecting the fruit of our love so soon.

Kason: There was only one thing left to do.


“Rachel Moonglow, will you make me the happiest person on earth?”

Holy Watcher! How did he manage to sneak the ring in? He told me he needed my help in digging this rare MySims trophy…? :O I was stunned. So much so that I stared at him for a whole minute with my mouth opened like an idiot. And then I nodded my head.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”


I jumped into his arms. I grinned like a Cheshire Cat. Kason was always one step ahead. 😉

Maybe that would be my fairytale ending.


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