1.6. Oopsy Daisy!

(Rebecca’s POV)

“What the hell is wrong with me?”


Everything felt so wrong after my party.

I was so gassy. I had to burp or fart every three steps. And for Watcher’s sake where did I get this bulging belly? I was sure I didn’t eat any burgers, or beans. My jeans were so tight now. I might have burst a button. At this rate sweatpants might be the only thing that would fit. And that’s not cool.

“Why do I have the urge to puke?”

I swear I hadn’t eat a thing since morning. But this damned nausea wasn’t going away. ARRRGGHH!

“Becks! Kason and I are engaged!”


“And we are expecting a baby!” She chirped.

Guess who’s going to the wedding with a bun in the over. 😉

Wait, did she say pregnant? I swear I didn’t miss that bump. It looked like mine.

Oh shit! 😦

Wolfgang and I had only woohooed once. In that crummy closet, which wasn’t the best experience for sure. Those pesky hangers kept poking at me. I wouldn’t be so unlucky eh?

I took the test. It said PREGNANT. It.could.not.f#%@ing.be!

Wolfgang said he needed time to compose himself. He said he would call back. But he didn’t.

Oh! A text!

Text from Wolfgang: Are you sure that thing inside is mine? 
F%@# him! Seriously! And how dare him calling our baby a ‘it‘?

I hope he gets hit by a effing meteor.

I’d lost it this time. I stormed over to his house and tore down the door. I didn’t care his mother opened it. Rage was engulfing me.


“Wolfgang Munch!” A slew of explatives followed.


“You’ve f@%#ing piece of shit. I have only f@%#ed you and so yes, the baby is yours!”

“He doesn’t need any of you. And neither do I. Just remember Wolfgang, that you’re an asshole!”

With that I walked off, slamming the door behind.

But it could not unbreak my heart.



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