1.7. Dear Daddy…

It seem like yesterday, when I was lamenting over my loss. And I still do miss you, sometimes.


I am pleased to tell you, that your little princess has grown up. Like how you wanted me to be, independent.

I never thought I would get a proper job. But I do now. I am proud of my career, still pale in comparison to yours, but it is something I worked for. My best achievement to date. I never thought I would go so far without a degree.

Mr Cooke, the man you entrusted your company to, called me the other day. He offered me a position at Simbook. Senior Manager! I couldn’t believe I would be back at your company. The company that you had built from nothing. I told him I would consider. 🙂


Oh and you are a granddaddy. I have married Kason, my teenage sweetheart. And we have a son. I called him Tobias.


Becks had twins! Cullen & Eleanor Moonglow. She might have made a mistake but I am proud she is willing to take responsibility for it. (And finally she shed that “bad girl” look and got rid of that icky blue hair.) The look in her eyes; I can tell she will do anything for them. I was almost not used to her being homely. She was doing good as an artist too. Bratty Becks has finally matured. 🙂


(Yes, this is the “new” Rebecca)

Daddy, I promised you I will do well without you. And I did.

I shall make another promise, a grandiose one this time. I want to restore this family to its former glory. To the best that I could.


Please watch over my family.


Your princess, Rachel


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