1.8. Cullen, Eleanor, Tobias


(From right to left: Cullen, Eleanor, Tobias)



“Erm… An Emotion Potion consists of seven parts water, two parts Cow Plant Essence, and a handful of llama hairs. Bingo!” Cullen chimed.

Children maybe small but their minds are not. I feel that saying was pretty much applicable to Cullen. He was so absorbed experimenting on his Science Table, honing his little mind to grasp the more complicated things in life. Becks told me he aspired to be a scientist. How lovely!


Though our scientist-in-making had little quirky believes that ain’t… scientific. He insisted there must be a monster under his bed. And it was disturbing him every night, he said. That was surely one stubborn monster!


“Ooh! He had tentacles doesn’t he? Like a kraken! It certainly swam many miles from the sea to under your bed hmm…” Becks joined in. I didn’t think she was serious.

“But Mama’s here! And just one spray of this Kraken-Be-Gone… ”

“I want to be a scientist when I grow up. So I can create Kraken-Be-Gone and make a lot of money…!”

“Mommy will be so proud! Goodnight my boy!”



“And five!” Eleanor chirped as she began her sixth round on the monkey bars. She was so rambunctious. And we could barely keep up. It was as if her energy level would not deplete, and not even school could wear her down. Quite the contrary of Cullen or Tobias I would say. The boys were always complaining how drained they were, and insisted nap time was an after school necessity.


“Ship ahoy!”

There she was, pretending to be the captain of Mayflower, or some other fancy old ships.The jungle gym was her favourite hangout, ever since we decided to get one for our house. We thought it would be a good place for the children to bond, and perhaps become best of friends. I mean, your family would always be the only one for you. Like Becks and I had. She had a pretty vivid imagination. Like she claimed that unicorns are real, just like her friend Uni who came from Far Far Away. I was sure she must have gotten the idea from one of the shows on Kids Network.


Eleanor’s very smiley. It was almost impossible to catch her feeling down. She’s the little sunshine in our family, never failing to brighten our moods. And she’s definitely mummy’s girl. 🙂



My little artist. It was amazing watching his imagination come to life on the activity table. He loves drawing, be it vehicles, animals or even monsters. I hope he didn’t scare Cullen with that Kraken drawing the other day! It was as if his imagination knew no boundaries, and everything seemed to be able to inspire him, which he would materialise them on the Activity Table.


He enjoyed playing on the pirate ship with Eleanor. These two got along like a house on fire, perhaps due to their creative minds and a shared liking of fruitcake. (Side note: Cullen absolutely hates it. He was the only one in the family to. I had no idea why.) They could spend countless hours weaving tales about their wondrous adventure at sea. How marvellous, seeing two colourful minds coming together. 🙂


Though Tobias could be a little pensive sometimes. Perhaps he was too engrossed in his little world. I wished he won’t be too caught up in his imaginations though. The world isn’t an idealistic picture. At least Eleanor had ways to brighten him up, with her sunny personality. Maybe it was a good idea to have them playing together. Her cheerfulness may rub off him, I think.


I wished age would enhance his beautiful mind, not erode it.


Kason and I had conflicting working hours, and sometimes we hardly see each other during the day. However, we would always find ways to keep the passion, and love in the relationship. Fate had brought us together, and I always believed it was up to us to maintain it.


Afterall, love never left.

Thus, I was not surprised I was expecting, again.

I was working harder than ever. Simbook was daddy’s company and I wanted to prove my worth. I was forced to grow up overnight, and I was proud of it. Somehow I knew daddy was watching me, even after all these years… I hope he would be proud too.


I was determined to work throughout the pregnancy. Somehow the environment of Simbook, and my second promise to daddy had turned me into a workaholic. I didn’t know who I was impressing. There might be no one. Or perhaps it was the pressure I heaped upon myself, desiring to make my mark in daddy’s company.


Although I had to admit sometimes the pregnancy took a toll. For instance, backaches and constant fatigue. It was almost impossible to sit through a meeting without downing two cups of coffee. Probably wasn’t the greatest idea but coffee do the job sometimes.

Imagine to my abject horror I was experiencing contractions in the middle of the workday! Luckily an important stakeholders meeting had just ended or else it would be embarrassing for me to excuse myself halfway. Tongues might wag, and I could not allow that. Professionalism meant everything.

Leila Moonglow was born after an agonising two hours later. At last I felt I had a complete family.


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