1.9. Reflections


“Perfect!” I mouthed as I looked into the mirror. I looked like I meant business, ever ready to clinch that deal. I was now the Vice President and I had to look the part. A good image was the key to success. First impression mattered.


(I think my pancakes deserve at least a Michelin star! It’s awesome, if I said so.)

On a second look, I was surprised I looked different. The carefree would-be heiress was now a serious woman in business. I might not even recognise my old self if I fell into a wormhole back into time. It was just a different girl back then altogether. Neither would Becks, I believe. She still joked about her young and foolish days occasionally. It seemed she was glad to left all of that behind. Sometimes we wondered how would we react if we bumped into our old selves. Point and laugh? Or maybe even attempt to teach the old us a lesson? Indeed we came a long way.


(I cringe to think how much my first salad reminded me of old socks.)

I mean, I couldn’t even make a decent tasting salad back then, for goodness sake! The sheer, abject horror of microwave meals.


Growing up had definitely shifted my priorities. From having fun to shouldering real responsibilities. From relying on housekeepers to doing my own chores, and raising my own family. It was my process to maturity. (Oh plum! I couldn’t believe I’m approaching middle age soon!) I thought I would be living the life of a socialite by now, sipping champagne and eating strawberries all day. How wrong I was! But I think I’d lead a more fulfilling life making my mark in the corporate world.

And I found Kason. 😉

09-23-16_5:32:09 PM.png

Our baby Leila had grown into a child now. And oh, she’s such a people’s person. I think she could just talk to anyone, be it her aunt, the garderner or the occasional passerby. She liked being around people I suppose, unlike my little pensive artist (Tobias). She would compliment her slightly grumpy brother just fine.

09-23-16_5:59:48 PM.png

Perhaps happiness was just that simple.


(Rebecca’s POV)


(Oh those unholy times passing out in clubs!)

It was pretty funny trying to look back at my life now. I mean, what the heck I was doing at that time? I probably had no idea what I wanted either. And don’t get me started on that look. It was so icky! What was I trying to achieve back then?

Oh plum, I hope my children won’t see this!


I guess they have changed my way of seeing things. I mean, I couldn’t possibly be fooling around anymore now that I had two more mouths to feed? I won’t. Since I chose to raise them, I better be doing it proper eh? And after that llama crapping incident, I introspected a lot. It was high time to leave that life behind.

And good riddance too!

I still kept those tattoos though. As a reminder of my young and foolish days.


I wasn’t that young anymore, and I thought perhaps it was time to live my own life. Well, I never bothered with a job, these just weren’t my thing. But I was making good money as an independent artist now. And Cullen and Eleanor were teenagers now, they probably need their space soon. Though I hoped I won’t be dealing with their teen problems! (Please don’t let them take after me, or that piece of llama crap for plums sake!)


I would probably miss sis. I was glad we stuck together all these while.



“Promise you would visit? Becks!”

I probably hugged her too tight, but I didn’t care. She won’t too, I think. I still couldn’t believe she would be leaving. Well, many moons ago I would probably kick her out as soon as I could, for all her shenanigans, but those trying times had brought us closer. I didn’t want her to leave now. She became a part of my life.


“Oh plum sis! It’s not as if I’m going off to Sixam! It’s just Oasis Springs. You can drop by anytime if you miss me that much.”

With that she walked out of the door.


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