1.10. Growing Up

Time and tide wait for no man. I was glad at least I achieved what I wanted thus far.


It was time for birthdays again, for Tobias and Kason.


I pulled my boy into a hug. I couldn’t believe he was a teenager now. Oh boy! He’s really a split image of his father! Kason’s genes is strong in this one!


And welcome to the Middle Ages, hubby!


Celebrations aside, I waste no time getting on the phone with Ms Halliwell, Headmistress of the Landgraab Academy for the Gifted, a posh private school. I knew a good education meant a bright future for my children, and I wanted the best for them. Even it meant contributing to the school’s building fund… Err, that string pulling was necessary I believe. Tobias didn’t get the bestest grade in school.


“Guess what sis? I got my own studio!!!” Becks told me over the phone. It was a modern-looking building in Newcrest. I knew I had to check it out.



The first level was the exhibition floor, where she showcased a selection of her best works. Only a small nook of the room had paintings hung on so far, but I was clearly impressed. Those were masterpieces I swore, they were the best that I’d seen from Becks.


Becks had her studio upstairs. Along with her living quarters. I knew how engrossed she could get when painting! It’s like nothing could pry her away from the canvas. Perhaps I should get a few of these for my new office!

“I’m so proud of you, Becks!”


Happy birthday to me… 

It was my turn approaching the big 40 today.


Kason woke up bright and early to prepare my cake. I could tell he put his heart and soul into it. It was exquisite, a lovely white cake with black swirls. I think it was so… me! I almost couldn’t bear to eat it. It was like an art piece; it should be admired from a pedestal instead of being on the dining table.


With much fanfare, I aged up. I let out a loud whoop. It was the last hurrah to my youth.


I looked around. We’d all grown up. Even baby Leila. Inevitably, I would grow old… And that day didn’t seem far now.


Soon it would be time to think about Succession matters…


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