Interlude: Eleanor

(Eleanor’s POV)

Sure time flies doesn’t it? Mommy said adolescence is a bittersweet period; there would be laughter, and there would be tears. There would be memories, and there would be regrets. I couldn’t wait to experience it myself!


(I wasn’t that fascinated with the easel, unlike mommy. I didn’t inherit her creativity.)


Though it was sad leaving home. I was offered a scholarship to the prestigious Landgraab Academy for the Gifted. I never really wanted that; I was happy with my local high school. But mommy said it would be a waste to give up. So there I was, back in Windenburg. Mommy had made arrangements with auntie Rachel.


Oh, and don’t get me started on private school. It sucked.

For starters, we had uniforms. It was awful. I wondered whose genius idea was it to make us wear this pretentious crap. (Toby didn’t look happy too.) And it was silly for the school to take issues with my skirt. Admittedly, I trimmed a few inches off the prescribed length but oh well, gimme a break!

“Long skirts are so last century!”

And I had the worst teacher of the lot, a Ms Crumplebottom. Oh plum she was so crabby! It might have something to do with her prolonged spinsterhood. Anything we do as normal teenagers could grind her gears, like talking in class? I mean, was she serious to expect us paying attention to her monotone? Coincidentally, mommy used to have another Crumplebottom for a teacher, and she was terrible too. Maybe there’s a family of these awful teachers somewhere, dedicated to make their students life a misery.


And she seemed to have an obsession with etiquette. Sometimes she broke into a dreary lecture on this fancy schmancy mid-lesson. Especially when we were too loud. Though I think she could preach it to those loonies here. I was in a cafe, enjoying my coffee and minding my business when these goons decided to plonk themselves on my table. For plum sake, couldn’t they see there are empty tables around? It was rude to not ask if I mind eh?


A healthy body is a healthy mind.


Now that I was a teenager, I suddenly realized the importance of staying fit. And it made me look good, so no complains there! I enjoyed my morning jogs, it kept my mind alert and me refreshed. It gave me time to contemplate about life.


And I would say the punching bag was a good companion. It helped me to get those frustrations out. I’m not proud to admit but sometimes I imagined it as Crumplebottom, or some person who happened to piss me off. Like that plasticky cheerleader. (What’s her name? Brittani?) It gave me a great workout. 😉

But I hated waking up to sore muscles the next day. Bah!



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