1.11. A Much Needed Vacation

Work was taking a toll on me. Despite the plushness of my new Velvet Throne (as the office called it), taking the Big Seat was not cushy at all. There were goals to be met, and decisions to be made. It unsettles me to think one wrong signature could send daddy’s blood and sweat up in flames. Expectations, expectations everywhere!


I felt like I was thrown onto the position, unprepared. Who said being the CEO was a comfy job?


“You know what sis, you needed a vacation!”

Perhaps Becks was right. My career always came first, but now it was starting to burn me out. Perhaps a break was what I needed to help me put things in perspective. It was unwise to be calling the shots on the brink of breakdown right?


The children looked like they need a good unwinding too. What’s with school these days?


Was it perhaps some Crumplebottom out there terrorizing students again? I knew Becks had a particularly nasty one…

I booked us all a vacation to Granite Falls. For the week I vowed to keep all work related thoughts at bay. CEOs need to have fun too.


(But first, let me make a quick call to the Deputy to hold the fort while I was away…)

I was determined to enjoy myself. I deserved a good break, or so I think. To think I could almost forget what having fun was like! It was true to say there’s things in life that money can’t buy. Life’s simple pleasures like this. It’s unbelievable there’re so many beautiful things that I have yet to see.


I loved Granite Falls. It was secluded, so cut off from the rest of the busy world. I never felt happier. It was as if I finally had time for myself, without the bustle of daily life bothering me. It was great to have my thoughts put in perspective, and to really rethink about life. It felt like all my stress had melted away, as the wind gently blew. I felt at peace.


(Restoring the legacy was my calling, and I was pleased with what I had achieved…)

And it made us fall in love again. My schedule meant I almost never had time for Kason. I realized I couldn’t let our love fade away.


(When was the last time I told you, I love you?)



Especially after what it took for us to be together. And to think I almost lost him once. It was something I could not bear to repeat. I want us to be together, as long as we both shall live


“This place is magical…”


That soft sweet touch of his. It was so great to be in his arms. For once I didn’t care about the world. Because I had Kason.


“…I can’t believe we are behaving like teenagers again!”


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