1.12. Leila

(Leila’s POV)

I love school. Because I get to meet so many people. That day I sat beside a girl called Elsa during lunchtime. I think she’s nice.


But Toby said I probably won’t say the same thing about high school. I heard they had uniforms, or at least the one Toby went to. I don’t want to wear a uniform. I think they looked ugly.

And there was this horrid teacher called Crumplebottom. She could turn students into apples, or llamas. I definitely don’t want to become an apple, or a llama!


But I didn’t like homework. Who said children must get homework everyday? But daddy said he wanted to check my homework. So I guess I must do it. 😦


I’d rather play Don’t Wake the Llama. I think I’m pretty good at this game.


Toby didn’t agree. So I said I will show him. Boo… ended up I was the one that woke the Llama. 😦 Maybe I needed more practice.


Cousin Eleanor’s staying with us. I don’t know why but I think it’s cool. I always wanted a sister. Because I can talk to her about girl stuff. Boys like Toby don’t understand us girls sometimes.



Mommy brought us to Granite Falls. Which meant I won’t be going to school. I think it was great. I mean, lessons are so boring. And I don’t have to do homework!

I played Horseshoes. But I don’t think I like it very much. That metal thing called a horseshoe was so heavy!


Though I sensed rivalry between Cullen and Toby. I think they both wanted to beat each other at Horseshoes. Boys can be pretty silly sometimes!


Even mummy and daddy joined in. I think my mummy is the prettiest! People in class always gasped in awe when I told them mummy’s a CEO. I don’t know what it is but it must be something big.


Daddy seemed to like the game. They were very good at it. Maybe because they’re adults. I can’t wait to grow up too!


Yikes! Eleanor’s talking to a bear! Bears are scary! Every storybook said so. On second thoughts, maybe except for Blarffy. But that was because Blarffy’s soft and cuddly. That bear wasn’t.


And she made us burgers. I love burgers! I think it was very sweet of her. Though I have to say they aren’t as good as daddy’s. Daddy make the bestest burgers in the world.


(Nothing beats freshly caught fish!)

He cooked fish for us for dinner though. He said he caught a big salmon by the river. It was the freshest fish I ever had. That was so awesome! I can’t wait to catch my own food too!

Did I say holidays are awesome already?


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