2.1. Teenage Dreams

Note: Tobias will be the main narrator for Gen 2. (Yes, we’re at a new gen now!)


It seemed like it was only yesterday that I was just a child, playing with crayons and glitter. I could not comprehend growing up sometimes. Who portrayed adolescence as a carefree period in life? I think it was anything but that. So many troubles seemed to find me.

School was a dawdle. I knew mom pulled strings to get me here. Don’t tell me it’s coincidence that the new Auditorium was named after Rachel Moonglow! (I’m not thick in the head you know?) But I wished she knew what I wanted instead of making those decisions for me. Back in elementary school I never liked any other subject other than art and it stayed that way. I knew teachers would say I’m not putting enough effort whatsoever but I had no interest to.


I’m VERY sure Algebra is something I don’t need in life!


I found my calling in Painting. I knew it since young, as I had the messiest Activity Table and was always out of drawing paper. The power of colour on canvas entranced me, turning my imaginations into pictures. It was almost like magic. I felt I could do nothing but paint all day. It was amazing, and rather therapeutic expressing myself on canvas.


I was very glad to be on this vacation. I had enough of Ms Crinklewinkle breathing down my neck. She actually threatened to call up my mom if I continue to let my grades slip. Whatever. I don’t think mom had time for her anyway. Her priorities were occupied with Mrs Landgraab, or some other big shot.


Perhaps it would be wise to conscientiously check the mailbox.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Too many thoughts in my head kept me awake. About school, and about the future. I wanted to be an artist. It was a dream that I had since childhood. But I wondered what would be in store for me. Would I be successful? Or perhaps I would be starving, for the sake of this dream. Or would it be perhaps, mom expecting me to take over the business. Somehow deep down, I knew I don’t want to be poor. But I didn’t think I could truly enjoy something other than art.


Eleanor’s still up to. That’s nice, at least I had someone I can talk to. We’re BFFs. It has been like this for a long time. It just happened that we got along extremely well, even though our personalities are pretty much contrasting. We could talk just about everything. Our classes (yikes!), our hopes, our dreams…


I didn’t know how but Eleanor was always up to date with the gossips. I think gossips are silly, but then again it’s hard to resist having a laugh at some unlucky fellow’s misfortune eh? Hearing less-than expected things about people was quite intriguing.


“Don’t you know Brittani Davenport had a massive crush on you? I heard her say…” I almost dropped my hotdog into the fire. It was impossible. Don’t someone as Barbie looking as her would go for the jocks? It’s just the stereotype. Anyway, I doubt I even knew girls existed. (Maybe other than Eleanor)


Will I have a family? Will I be rich? Will I be a good heir? These were few of the so many questions I have yet to find answers to.


I looked at the stars, they were like numerous little diamonds dotting the night sky. It made me realize something. The future is endless. Just like this universe. It knew no bounds.

Perhaps one of the stars out there would point me to my destiny..?


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