Interlude: Teenage Love

(Eleanor’s POV)

You would never guess who I saw at the park. It’s Brittani Davenport herself. The Barbie girl who had a huge crush on Toby. Well, I did overheard her saying that at the lockers but I never asked her myself. So of course I had to!


“Oh my god!!!” She squealed. I swear she had the most high pitched voice. “You’re Eleanor right?…!” And she chattered endlessly on oh-how-so-cute my cousin is. I could tell she’s pretty obsessed with him.


“See I even followed him on Simbook! He should totally post more pictures of his gorgeous face!!!”


As every concerned cousin would, I decided to ask Toby out. To be honest, I didn’t really think he and Brittani are the pair that would walk down the aisle eventually but again, he could do with some fun. (Maybe being in love could change him? I don’t know) He is a teen for plums sake, but certainly he isn’t having fun like one. Sometimes I don’t understand why he is so grumpy, even moodier than his old dad. It’s like as if he is 18 going on 60!


“He’s on his way!” And I walked off, obviously pleased with myself. Anyway, I was here for someone else. It just happened that I bumped into her.


… And I can’t be late for my date right?

Malcom Landgraab was the new transfer student. I just thought he is gorgeous. He had the loveliest pair of blue eyes I had ever seen. And that beautiful blonde hair, that straight aquiline nose… he gave me butterflies!


To me, he is irresistible. The love in the air was amplified tenfold by the falling leaves of the pink sakura tree. Everything seemed perfect.


I was glad I volunteered to befriend that new boy. (It’s a part of some silly school programme where they send someone to help new transfer students settle down) Though frankly, I had no idea why. Perhaps that name sounded familiar? I don’t know.

The school gave me his address in Oasis Springs. Why he chose to live at such a sandy place is beyond me. Anyway, I could visit mommy on the way too. 


“Geez! The sand is getting between my toes.” I was pretty bummed upon arrival. The taxi driver took a couple of wrong turns to nowhere. Didn’t he own a GPS? I pressed the doorbell, a little apprehensively I would say. Maybe because I was a little nervous?

“I’m looking for Malcom Landgraab, please?” The housekeeper told me he was at the courtyard. Wow! He had a housekeeper! 


I found him grilling something. It smelt appetizing. I was immediately impressed. Frankly, I had a soft spot for guys who can cook. They didn’t seem like chauvinistic pigs that believed cooking is solely a woman’s duty.


“You must be Eleanor right? Hi, I’m Malcom!” He was such a gentleman. He even held my chair for me! In my head I was registering his appearance. He was good looking (and I don’t say that easily!) and he can cook. I might have stared at him a little too intently. Hope he won’t find me creepy!

“It’s late now, I must go.” The sun was setting, and it was time to take my leave. He gave a little laugh. “Parents, right?” Even though I wished to sit and chat for a while more. I didn’t want to come across as being too eager. Guys might think it isn’t cool.

He asked for my number though, in case he needed to ask me about school, he said. I think it was an excuse really. 



“Hello Eleanor? I know it’s embarrassing but… I fell asleep in the library and got lost. Do you think you could..?” Plum! He was really bad at making excuses. (I don’t believe he didn’t have a car or something.)


But on the other hand, it made my heart swoon. Is he trying to ask me out? (Though on the pretext of asking for directions was a rather strange way to) There is something that attracts me to shy guys. Though they can be quite wishy washy with their feelings. I mean, how hard was it to confess to a girl you like right? Then again, it is what that makes them cute really. Especially when they blush, aww!

Maybe it was up to me to take the initiative.



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