2.6. In Love Again

She’s coming!



Say hi to Baby Camilla!


Eleanor had been bugging me to visit the bar the entire day. I didn’t know why. I didn’t think the bar is the place for me. It was too noisy, too crowded and too dim. I would rather be at home painting, honestly. And I didn’t get her enthusiasm either.

“Toby if you don’t come, it means you think I’m a plumhead for forgetting your birthday!”

Great. She really knew how to guilt trip me.



“Give this grumpy gramps a Simopolitan!”

“Plum Eleanor! I’m still 21! I swear I will be going…”


I heard a giggle somewhere. “Coming right up!” A sweet voice chimed from the bar. It was so… enchanting that I had to look up. I was entranced by what I saw. I tried figuring out her features in the dim bar lighting. She had the most angelic face, unlike so many women I had seen with faces caked in makeup. Excessive makeup ruins a woman’s features. In my mind she was beautiful, probably the prettiest lady I had seen.


“Go on! Talk to her!” Eleanor nudged. I hesitated. The bar was full today. I could tell she had her hands full. But deep inside, I was cursing myself. For my reluctance, for my lack of courage.


“Bye everyone, enjoy your night!” Plum! It was the end of her shift. I felt it was a now or never moment for me. To get to know her. The shots of Simopolitan that I had downed earlier must have gave me the courage. I ran after her.

“Hello there, do you have a second? Can I talk to you?”

She looked a little bemused. And then chuckled. “Of course!”


“I’m Delia Yeung. I go to college in Windenburg though I’m actually from Appaloosa Plains.   My parents run a bar there, so perhaps that’s why I choose to work as a mixologist?

…It’s just a part time stint though. I’m still figuring out about life…”

“It’s your turn now!” She giggled.

I told her about my life, my ambitions, my love for painting. I felt an instant connection, somewhat like the feeling I would get if I had an idea suddenly pop into my head. It was as if she was the one meant for me. The special woman destined to touch my life.

“Hey, it’s time for me to go now but perhaps I could get your number?” What the plum that had gotten into my head.



Somehow, it was the happiest moment I ever felt.


“Say what?”


Eleanor’s mouth dropped in disbelief. That expression on her face was priceless. Well she wasn’t mad that I had ditched her for the bartender, I could tell. However, she stunned me by reaching for the mobile phone in my pocket. She had lightning reflexes I swear, I didn’t even notice until the phone was on her hand.

“Oh plum Eleanor, what are you doing?!”

“Why are you letting her number sit on your phone? Exchange it for a llama trophy?” She laughed. I couldn’t believe she took it upon herself to call Delia! I wished I could dig a hole and bury myself in there and then.

“She said see you on Sunday!” She tossed my phone back.

Oh save me Watcher!


Delia looked even more gorgeous in the daylight. The sunshine must have enhanced her sweet features. She pulled me into a huge bear hug.


“…well, I apologise for my cousin. She tends to get overexcited…”

“Actually, I’m glad she called!”

“It was so good to be seeing you again, Toby!”


“You really do like looking at the clouds, don’t you?”

I talked about my dreams. And how I would sometimes look up in the sky when I’m feeling down, or uninspired, or stressed out. It makes me feel serene, as if the fluffy white clouds are taking all my troubles away. I secretly believe they do make wishes come true. All I have to do is ask and they will somehow, in some way answer…


“So, what did you wish for?”


She scratched her head.


“…to do this…”


Nobody, I mean nobody, has ever make me this happy before.




(Oh Eleanor! Thank you for that call made on Toby’s behalf!)


I introduced Delia to the family. The girls instantly got along like a house on fire. I knew there was something special about Delia. It seems she is able to attract people. She makes people so at ease that they feel she’s like a kindred spirit.

“Nice to meet you!”



Rachel: Honestly Toby, I’m almost expecting a Landgraab, or a Goth (though not an Alto!) as my daughter in law. But I can see why you like that girl. Because, I like her too… 
PS: I already had a ring chosen for her. I want my daughter in law to wear no less than the perfect diamond on her finger.


I had vowed to save my first time for that special girl. Love for the first time was magical. They said good things come for those that waited, and I was glad I did. I knew Delia was the One.


I had never been with a girl for so long.


She made me so happy.



(Oh shiny, shimmering, splendid! And please excuse the huge plumbob. Oops!)


Delia was really excitable. She would gush on and on about it, to anyone that was willing to hear. It was as if ‘wedding’ was the abracadabra to summon her enthusiasm.

Though the excitement, and maybe nervousness must have overwhelmed her too much. Or she might had too much to drink the night before. (I made a mental note to have a word with Eleanor, and Leila later! Don’t know where the girls took her for her Bachelorette Party!) I couldn’t help but laugh. I certainly didn’t expect to see the bride nauseous on her wedding day!


Delia: Plum! That isn’t cool. But don’t you agree Toby had excellent taste in picking dresses? 😉


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