Interlude 2: Picking up the Pieces

(Rebecca’s POV)

I knew something was definitely not right. After what Tobias told me over the phone. (Poor boy! He seemed so worried.) About Eleanor stuck in the rut, and wearing a potato sack. It reminded me of something I dreaded to recall. Somehow I wished won’t happen to my daughter ever. It was history repeating itself.


I really wanted to twist that boy’s neck, that son of a llama, but I would have to save that for later.

I had to be there for her. To let her know she wasn’t alone.


(Eleanor’s POV)

I couldn’t believe things went downhill after that. It wasn’t suppose to be that way. Now here I was, being left with something I wasn’t prepared to deal with.


I preened myself in the mirror. Perfect. I mouthed at my reflection. Malcom had promised to take me to Prom, and celebrate my birthday afterwards. It was amazing, wasn’t it? I hope the hours spent choosing the right dress was worth it.


The rings were a present from Malcom. I knew they cost a fortune, seeing the Cartier box it came with. I beamed. Malcom loved me.

I even got Tobias to take a photo, beside a silly picture I painted. It was a moment I wanted to reminisce about, when I’m old and grey someday. Maybe it would be my future with Malcom. Sharing a plate of pasta under the moonlight, how romantic!



The love, that passion… It was a night I would remember. 



And little I knew, come to regret.



He said nothing. A awkward silence permeated the air, and I didn’t know how to break it. It felt dreadful. Maybe he was unprepared as I? It was a bolt out of blue afterall.


I remembered this place, at a different time. It was sweet.

“…Well, I will be taking over the business in Sunset Valley and I would not have a baby bog me down.”


I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. Never had I expect he would be so callous. It was our baby after all. He was saying he had no feelings for our child, and for us..? All that love, was empty. He stood, waiting for my reaction. There was none. I felt numb. 

I left, without another word.


Mommy was still outside. I could hear her. And Cullen, Toby, Leila… I hate to shut them out like this. I knew they were worried about me. But I was such a wreck. I couldn’t even deal with my own feelings. I wished everything was just a bad dream, and it would be okay when I wake up. But it wasn’t.

Soon there would be two of us now.

“Eleanor? Can I come in?”


She ignored me and pushed her way in.


I burst into tears. It was comforting to have mommy around. But I couldn’t help but feel I had let her down. I wasn’t that perfect daughter I had expected to be. The guilt was overbearing and I tried to push her away. She won’t budge.

“It’s not your fault dear. I had made the same mistake, when I was about your age. But I turned out fine.” She pointed to her arm. “This tattoo was the remnant of my foolish past…”

“You will definitely be a good mother. Don’t worry.”


“Yea…” Toby quipped in. “You’re welcome to stay with us as long as you like.”


I remembered, years ago, mommy would kick up a storm and threaten to tear down the school if any of our classmates dared to call Cullen, or I a bastard child. She was so protective, for us. I had to do the same for my child.



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