2.8. Family

I was concerned about Delia. She was constantly nauseous, and lethargic. She already wasn’t feeling too hot after the wedding but it seemed it was getting worse. (And Eleanor said they hadn’t been drinking the night before!)

This morning I saw her chalking up 10 pukes in 2 hours. It was worrying. Perhaps she was struck with some vile malady? I was afraid. I didn’t want to lose her. She was the woman I loved.


“Toby, I think she’s pregnant, not sick!” Eleanor couldn’t suppress her laughter. Plum! So much worrying for nothing! Unfortunately, that prissy and proper private school I attended didn’t teach me about the birds and bees. 😦 Talk about inadequate education.


But I was elated. So much I swear I could fly to the moon. I’m going to be a father soon!

I certainly couldn’t wait to see the little one.


Eleanor told me she would be moving out with Camilla. “Camilla’s growing up, and you and Delia need your space.”


“But why?” Delia was loose faucets. I was trying my hardest to suppress my tears. Real man don’t cry. I was just so used to having Eleanor around. We spent our childhood, our adolescence, all those years together. I had been with her, and she with me, during our less than pleasant days. She almost seemed to be a part of me.

“Promise you will visit?”

“I will come by so often that you would probably send me out!”



(Delia’s POV)


It was sad to see Eleanor go. I didn’t know her for long, but I knew she was someone I could talk to. Being alone in a big house can get lonely. I mean, Toby was in, but he was usually in his little studio painting. It wasn’t wise to disturb an artist at work eh?


The garden was beautiful. It reminded me of the one I had back at home. Daddy grew his own ingredients. He said drinks made with fresh fruits had a unique, delicious taste that neither concentrate nor syrup could replicate.


Whoever that had been tending it all along certainly did a great job. I popped a fruit into my mouth. It was bursting with flavours. I could see it was a good addition to my drinks.


I realised I wanted my own garden too. A garden full of perfect produce. Though Toby temporary prohibited me from doing any back breaking work! He didn’t want me to wear myself out. So my gardening plans would have to be shelved for a while. He’s so (over) protective.


But staying home all day could be really dull. Thank goodness the house had a bar that I could practice my mixing skills. (No alcohol though, Tobias had sold them to the llama!)


Or experiment with new drinks. There was always a new recipe I could come up with, if I played around with the ingredients, and proportions. Sometimes I used ingredients from the garden. Though admittedly, not all experimental drinks work, the chief one being Parsley and Elderberry.


Though there were definitely downers being pregnant. Hey, I didn’t say it was a bliss! For starters, the baby was certainly a boisterous one. He, or she, was constantly kicking me. I think it was a baby’s way to say hello! Well, hello little one!


And I had the constant need to pee. Almost immediately after having a drink. My bladder was like the size of a pea. It just couldn’t hold any water in.


Or nausea… It’s quite ridiculous actually, having to make runs to the toilet every 5 minutes, whether to pee or to puke.


As well as constant back pains. Perhaps my muscles weren’t acquainted with the additional weight the bump added. Sometimes I wished the I could get the baby out of me sooner. I loved children, I certainly wanted a big family but pregnancy woes was a bummer.





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