2.9. Happy Family?

Delia: Gardening helped to kill time. Though there wasn’t much to be done after the gardener.



Maybe I should get a job. After all, I did enjoy mixing drinks at the bar.


Until I woke up with the same symptoms I had with Riona! It was definitely not too much wine, or bad pancakes.

Riona: Means queenly

Well, she was certainly my little queen. A baby was she and yet she seemed to have everyone revolve around her. Baby Riona relished attention, I could see. It was as if she would wail on cue if nobody cooed over her. And as if on summon, everyone would rush to shoosh her, cuddle her, pull silly faces… Anything to hush the crying. She certainly had the reign over us.


It was heartwarming to see my parents, sometimes. They had been married for almost forty years and they were still behaving like newly weds. As if it was just yesterday that they had just met. The romance never died. People said as time goes by, love fizzles. But they seemed to prove it wrong. Love never left.


I turned to dad for some fatherly advice.

“Respect, gratitude, effort. This is how your old dad sees it.”

It gave me confidence about my marriage, I hope!


Truth be told, I wasn’t really prepared with baby number 2. I had my hands full of Riona. She’s my daughter and I loved her with all my heart, but she could be really bossy at times. I was almost glad it was time she outgrew her crib. But she was still as demanding as ever.

Silently, I hoped baby number 2 will be a more mellow child. A sweetheart nonetheless, but less demanding. One queen was more than enough!


“Daddy, can I decorate my room pwease?”

“Boys smell! My room is so boyish! Eww!!”

She had the most convincing puppy dog eyes, something that I could never bear myself to say no to. Her majesty was still as queenly as ever, asking for new toys every other week. Sometimes I had to bite the bullet and turn her down. It was not as if money was the issue there, but I didn’t want to turn her into a spoilt brat. She shouldn’t develop the mentality that money grew on trees, or the ask and yer shalt receive attitude. There was a line between doting a child and spoiling her rotten and no way I wanted to tread that. Her parents can’t be there for her forever. It was what mom taught me. To be independent, in some ways.



“I love my room! Daddy is the best! Mama is the best!!!” She squealed excitedly. Sometimes she can be really irresistible.



We did the other room too. In preparation for baby number 2. We didn’t want either girl to feel left out. (We found out it’s a she!)

pinkroom3 2.png



(Rachel’s POV)


It’s my 60th birthday. I chose to celebrate alone. I was in a very contemplative mood. (I didn’t want anyone to see my wrinkles also!) It was unbelievable how far I’ve come. Life was such a whirl and I certainly believe there was truth to the saying that time and tide waited for no man.


I still remembered when I was 40, and moved to the Top Seat. I was at the pinnacle of my career.


I still remembered when I was 20, and without a care in the world.

I still remembered that day when daddy passed. It was when reality hit me hard, and I was left to fend for myself, with Becks.

I still remembered my first job. And my daily struggle with alarm clocks.

And I remembered meeting Kason again. Forty years later, and our marriage is still going strong. I felt it was one of my greatest accomplishments.


I looked at my family. I was pleased. My children turned out well. I was proud of myself for bring up them well. Look at Toby, he was so young, and so accomplished. Leila moved out on her 21st birthday and she was running a boutique at Magnolia Promenade. And I had a wonderful daughter in law, and two lovely grandchildren. There was nothing more I could ask for.

And I think I’d fulfilled my promise to daddy. His legacy was restored, as glorious as ever. I never thought I would be a Business Tycoon, like daddy was. I never even thought of following his footsteps. But I did.


Soon, it would be time for me to hand down the reins. It was about time Simbook needed a younger, more visionary leader at its helm. And I could finally enjoy the retirement I more than well deserved.

Daddy, I hope you are proud of me.


(Riona’s POV)

And then there was two.


Why did mama had to have another baby?


I am the princess. I don’t like having another sibling to steal my spotlight. Roisin’s arrival did just that. Now everyone preferred to go gaga over that baby instead of paying attention to me. I don’t like it.


“I don’t like you. Not one bit! I will never like you.”


I peered at the corner. Roisin’s dollhouse was sitting there, untouched. Well, she’s too young for it anyway. I mean, she’s still in diapers for plum sake! Suddenly, an idea hit my mind. Since she can’t be playing with it, I might as well demolish it. That teaches her to steal my parents away!

Crash. Bam. I kicked hard at the dollhouse. It released all my anger. There was dust. Dust everywhere.


As the dust settled, I rubbed my hands with glee. That teaches her.


“RIONA MOONGLOW!!” Mama thundered. I let out a loud gasped. I was stunned. She must had seen me kicking the dollhouse. I thought I had the door locked!

“What do you think you’re doing?”


I never seen mama so angry before. It sent a chill down my spine. I had never been in trouble before.


Daddy fixed the dollhouse. He didn’t look at me. He didn’t say anything. It sucked. I thought there would be cuddles, and perhaps reassurance that I didn’t mean it, that I’m really a good girl. But there was none. It really sucked. Daddy was siding with mama, and silly Roisin. Everyone was siding with silly baby Roisin.

“Go back to your room and reflect upon your actions. I’m disappointed in you, Riona.”

“Fine!” I stalked off, sulking all the way.


I was indignant. I was mama and daddy’s princess. I had all the attention, until Roisin came along. Now it was all about Roisin, and still Roisin. That baby had all the attention. I was just expressing my resentment. She was stealing my parent’s affection. What’s so wrong with that??

“Haha! Sucks to be a plushie eh? Loser!!!” I jeered at Uni. It was the only thing I could vent my frustration on.

That let off some steam.


I lay on my bed. Still angry, still not liking Roisin one bit. I was half expecting mama, or daddy to come in, give me a cuddle but there was none. I dozed off, I knew, but still nobody came in.

Great. Just great.


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