Interlude 4: A Confession

Note: Sorry, no pictures for this chapter! 😦 Not revealing the identity of Unknown, though you may guess… 😛

(Unknown’s POV)

Retrenched? I’m bloody retrenched after all these years?! Neither Nick Alto wanted anything to do with me. He said I achieved nothing, despite snitching on Rachel Moonglow for so many years.

“Useless! Whatever you did, you got the wrong person kicked out!” That were his words to me. They burned, as if my heart was being scorched by red hot poker. Everything I had done, was for nothing. Mockingly, I let out a laugh. It was ironic really, seeing what years of building that perfect future led me to.

I wished it was a bad joke. It was awful to be used and discarded like old junk.

But it didn’t matter anymore, right?


I worked for Alto, because he promised me a managerial position once Rachel Moonglow was out. And I resented that woman. I knew she paid me twice of what a usual assistant gets. But I didn’t want her sympathy. I felt, almost, she was mocking me.

Rachel Moonglow and I were colleagues back then. No, actually she was my subordinate that had to deliver my shopping. I still remembered that woman on her first day, arriving fashionably late. And plum! Look at that dress, and those tattoos, she looked like she didn’t belong.

I didn’t expect she would last long. (I think we were making bets that she would be gone before the week’s up!)

I certainly didn’t expect she would be my boss.

Seeing her reminded me how much I had failed.

I’m not happy that she was flying up the career ladder, while I remained behind as a lowly assistant. I’m not happy she became the CEO, and I had to work under her. It was ironic, wasn’t it? Answering calls, scheduling appointments, all for my former subordinate. I couldn’t control the resentment. That corner office on the top floor, lunching with the Landgraabs, that should have been me.

If not for my precious son. He had been a troubled child all along, demanding all of my attention. (His father was a damned Sergio Romeo that didn’t even want his son.) That was why I never got another promotion ever since he came along. He costed me my career.

But she got a son that was a prodigy even. Yea yea, don’t get started how marvellous Tobias is. This ain’t a Toby fan club.

I’m not happy. Deep down I felt I was in so many ways better than her. I had a degree from a prestigious college. I was the creme of my cohort. I was extremely driven since young. I had my future throughly mapped out by 18. And honestly, I think she was just this spoilt brat that didn’t even pass high school. I was resentful that I had ended up as her subordinate.

She probably didn’t even bother about her future until she was 30 perhaps? I was resentful that despite her lackadaisical attitude, she lived a life so much better…

Stuck with a troubled son and a mediocre job, I watched my life gone off course. I was embittered.


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