2.12. Doubts

(Delia’s POV)


I never believed in horoscopes, or things old gypsy women said. Let alone a dubious anomaly like Future Cubes. To me, it was just a tiny block of plum. Heck, ain’t nobody got faith in predictions, especially it’s one by Paltry Predictions Inc. The name “paltry” must have rang a bell eh? However, what that was written on this particular one cube perturbed me. I felt a wrench in my gut, and I could not find a justifiable reason as to why.

“The Cube’s prediction about Delia’s future love life is heartbreaking…”



I used to be able to confidently say I’m extremely happy with my marriage, my family is lovely, my husband is lovely… But now, I wasn’t so sure anymore. I began harbouring doubts. About our relationship, our future, the children, everything.


Sometimes, you didn’t go around looking for problems, but the problems came to find you.

Tobias was cooped up in his studio, all day and night. All his devotion was channelled into his paintings, and ingratiating his moneyed patrons. It seemed he didn’t have time for his family anymore. Or he didn’t have enough energy to spare. Whatever the reason was, I was disappointed.


It was almost our love was beginning to drift. Why couldn’t our relationship be like the plants? Nurture them with enough water, sunlight and Growfruit and they will flourish. Or perhaps we just weren’t nurturing our love enough…


I almost resigned to the fact the girls won’t be BFFs. They probably won’t even be friends. However, I could not overlook the fact Riona had been nasty. I knew, because I saw. I overheard her gossiping about her sister over the phone. I didn’t know who she was talking to, but it was certainly a classmate. I didn’t really catch what the rumour was about, but I was no stranger to the fact rumours spread like wildfire, and children could be nasty.And I knew it. She couldn’t hide her antics from me. She could be so angelic, all sweety and innocent in front of her parents, but she was mean to Roisin. It was beyond acceptable for me. I don’t tolerate nastiness in my children.


But Riona brandished her usual accusation that I favoured Roisin over her, and stalked off. I sighed. I wished she was nothing but sweet. But there was a darker side to her that I unfortunately, happened to see. There was wrathfulness brewing under, but I didn’t know why.


It didn’t help that Tobias played the role of the “good” parent, when he walked in and saw Riona pulling a sad face. Somehow, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it might be an act. To garner sympathy from her father. Great, now that made me the villian.


“Delia!” He pointed an accusing finger at me. “Don’t you think you’re being too harsh on Riona?”


At first I was taken aback. I wasn’t used to rage. I was used to him talking in a soft, tender tone. We used to be loving… But my shock soon turned into fury. How dare he accuse me of favouritism? Did he ever see what I saw? Or was he perhaps too taken in with the angelic facade?

“I couldn’t believe you are that blind to be ignoring Riona’s antics. Well, if you had spent enough time outside the studio…” I hissed. I was beside myself with anger, and I was feeling so wrong. Did he really think I want to be the “bad” parent? However, I believed there were certain things I had to put my foot down. Bullying, for instance.


Riona was supposed to be the fruit of our love. But somehow, she became the seed of discord.


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