2.16. Irreconcilable Differences

Delia: It was sunny outside. But in my eyes, it was an overcast day. Cloudy, grim and gray. I never thought we would end this way…

I dreaded walking up those steps. I knew it was where our relationship will end.


“A love so strong
Where did it go wrong?”

Kylie Minogue – ‘Where has the love gone?’



“It’s not easy taking all responsibilities
Think it’s time that we should know
What we really need”


Tobias: “As long as we both shall live…” We vowed we will be together, even when we grow old. It broke my heart to know, that it would be a promise I would never fulfil.

Walking up those steps filled me with dread. I half-wished Delia had not arrived. That might give me a shimmer of hope, that this was not the end.



But alas! She was already there.

“If the love has gone then you don’t want to stay
Then hey baby we can go our separate ways”

“I’ve come to terms about the way you really feel
I know the love we have is no longer real”

“If both of you agreed to the terms… And you may sign on the dotted line” An unfeeling, robotic voice droned on.

“No contest.” We both said. It was a joint decision to part, but it nonetheless broke my heart.




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