Interlude 4: (Mis)adventures in San Myshuno

Note: I wish to fast forward the Moonglows a little, because it’s kind of monotonous playing and taking screenshots of the same things over and over again. I’m currently between ideas on how to progress the plot, from now till the girls become teens at least. 😦 I confess I get distracted quite easily. It’s tough for me to faithfully play one family till Gen 10. The main Moonglow storyline will resume when Riona becomes a teen. (Teen drama!) As an intermission, I will throw in stories of other members of the family. Planning on doing one on Eleanor next! 😛

Warning: Picture heavy (and not really dramatic)!

(Delia’s POV)


The best part of the city.


“Beautiful.” I marvelled at the skyline. It was a lovely modern apartment, with some oriental influence fused within. From my window,  I got a lovely panoramic view of the city. The bright lights, the glowing neon signs, it was magnificent.  It reminded me of why I fall in love with San Myshuno in the first place. I always desired to be a city girl, after having lived all my life in the suburbs of Appaloosa Plains and Windenburg.

“Thanks for…” I didn’t want to think of that, but it was a thought I couldn’t suppress. Unfortunately, the tabloids got wind of what happened soon after and then insinuations went wild. I thought it wasn’t my fault that Tobias happened to be rich. And I was affirmative the love I had was for Tobias, and not his inheritance.

I guessed it all boils down to who wields the pen. “People can be so cruel.” I shook my head. It was as if they need not feel accountable for the person they were writing about. I avoided news stands like a plague for some time as I couldn’t bear to see my private matter being blown up in the headlines. It was an awful sight.


“Forget the past Delia. It’s a new life, new start for you.” I pepped myself.


Roisin came over every weekend. (I invited Riona too, but she bluntly refused. Oh well.) I could tell that she missed me. She hugged me too tight every time, and I could see her eyes glistening with tears whenever she had to leave. (Though she won’t admit.) I missed her dearly too. Maybe it was motherly instinct but I could suss that the situation at home wasn’t improving. I hoped Tobias protected her well. It hurt me to be apart from her. And it hurt me more to see her sad.


I gave her my apartment key, and told her she was welcome to visit anytime. It was the least I could do for her, or at least I thought.


But inside, my heart still ached. It was terrible to be apart from your family. Especially apart from Rose.


Noisy neighbours never failed to grind my gears. I thought it was solely reserved for less established apartments but I guess there was truth to the saying that money doesn’t buy you class.


I had to give them a piece of my mind. Didn’t they know walls have ears? And expensive panelled walls in expensive apartments weren’t exceptions to that.


To be honest, I was a little surprised to see a sad looking dude answering the door. He looked so downcast. He had his hand on his forehead and it seemed he wanted to block out the thoughts in his head… I was almost prepared to forgive him, I was pretty understanding to situations, but least I know he broke into a diatribe.

“I live here too!” He retorted defensively, “I’m sorry your life is boring…”

Plumbob! I was glad I had enough restraint not to beat him into a pulp.


I would like to think I’m a mellow person, but I was certainly not someone who would bite the bullet when provoked. I fight back. Always. Suddenly I felt foolish feeling sorry for him. Wasting my sympathy. It seemed this bloke didn’t deserve all that.

“People like you disgust me!” I spat back. “You may have the money, and you think you are the shits because of it. But I think you are just a crass and obnoxious bloke. Go grab a handful of those simoleons and buy yourself some class?”

I swear even I was astounded whenever I unleashed my wrath. Perhaps he could sense I wasn’t someone to be trifled with. He tossed his hands up in the air.

“Look, I’m sorry… I’m just having a bad day alright?”


I wasn’t really prepared to let this slide, but I wasn’t too good at bearing grudges either.


Maybe yoga could help in clearing my mind.


And perhaps I should get acquainted with the neighbourhood.


Fashion District


“Delia was at Planet Sing-pop.” I pressed the post button on Simbook. I heard Fashion District was the place for young and trendy sims and I definitely wanted to check it out. For plum’s sake I was still not thirty, and certainly not boring.

“Come, sing a duet with me…” The dude at the karaoke extended an inviting hand. I shrugged my shoulders. Why not, I thought to myself. I was determined to let my hair down. Perhaps to reclaim my youth?

But I have to confess I wouldn’t add singing to my list of talents. I hoped that dude didn’t regret his decision to invite me to sing!


I tossed a handful of fivers into his case. I truly thought his music was good.


(Watcher’s Confession: LOL!!! And no I didn’t make her, my game did.)

Though there were certainly some… peculiarities in the city. Like this elderly woman who was tearing while eating a hot dog. Odd! I decided to move away, just in case. Plum! I was just about to enjoy my plate of nigiri!

Anyway, delicious sushi was delicious. I made a mental note to ask the stallholder for a recipe.


Spice Market

I could see Spice Market was a fun loving district. It was so vibrant, so colourful, so exciting… There were walls filled with street art, psychedelic mosaics on the ground and rainbow billboards everywhere. It was amazing how San Myshuno could be a city with a myriad of personalities.



Imagine to my amazement when I saw a basketball court! I used to play for the school in college, but that was years ago. I was glad I retained some of my skills. And to be honest, I was amazed by my agility at this age. 😛


I felt I was channeling my inner Picasso. Somehow, the white spot on the pavement just looked like a big canvas to me. Immediately, I grabbed a few spray cans (didn’t know they had those lying around!) and started painting.

From a distance, I saw a colorful poster that somehow caught my attention. I walked up to the mailbox and tore it off. “Spice Festival, Friday 5pm”, it read.

“Interesting”, I thought to myself. I had never attended one of those festivals before, and it would certainly be an eye opener.


I had a blast at the festival. There was a wide array of exotic dishes to sample, and they tasted amazing, like a burst of flavours in my mouth. They were so unlike the standard European fare in Windenburg. Though I drew a line at the curries. I was doubtful of my body’s tolerance to spices.




“Wow! A bubble machine!” I squealed excitedly. Again, it was a new experience although somehow I felt a little dazed after blowing bubbles. It might be due to the smell I think. It was as if, my senses were muted…


As the festival was drawing to a close, I was suddenly adventurous enough to order a plate of curry. (Maybe because of the bubbles?) I thought it would be a pity if I left the festival without having tasted its hallmark dish.


Though maybe I had grossly underestimated the potency of the spice. I felt like my mouth was on fire after a spoonful. Plum! Trying to get rid of the burning sensation afterwards was a bitch. The man with a turban just chuckled to himself. Perhaps he had seen more than enough overly ambitious tourists getting their mouths burnt from curry!

“Maybe some milk might help?” A kindly voice suggested. “To relief the spice…”

“Arun Bheeda”, he introduced himself.



I would like to think it as temporary insanity. Or maybe I didn’t want the night to end. I felt a sudden surge of confidence (or bubble daze) and invited Arjun to the nearby karaoke bar. I didn’t know where I got the spontaneity from. I don’t normally ask a stranger to go to the bar for plum’s sake!

(Rebound relationship?)


We sang our hearts out. Me obviously oblivious to the cacophony that was my voice.


Arjun told me he was an aspiring stylist, and he rented a small apartment nearby. He even offered me a makeover(???)

Another bout of temporary malady later, I accepted. I attribute it this time to the drinks. I didn’t know what’s the funny tasting concoction I drank.



I almost split my sights laughing at my reflection in the mirror. Plum I looked so girly, though optimistically tens of years younger! It was so unlike me.

“You look cute!” He enthused.


Arjun was an aspiring designer, arriving in a big city with much nothing besides a big dream. I was a divorcee (I cringed at the thought of that) coming with a big settlement to seek out a new life. Somehow, I felt a connection between us. I never thought I would have such chemistry with a stranger after Tobias.

Desire or was it? A third bout of craziness surged and I tried to inch forward for a kiss. I don’t think I would ever know how dazed I was.


“No Delia!” To my surprise, he suddenly shot up. “I’m married!”

I swear I could have just dug a hole and bury my head in. There and then. I felt I was mentally incapable. How could I miss that crib on my way in? Obviously he must have been prepping for a baby!


I darted out of the apartment as fast as I could. I smacked my head hard. What the plum I was thinking?


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