Interlude 5: Adventures in San Myshuno – Part 2! Feat. Ariana

Note: Ariana is the adopted daughter of Rebecca and Ulrike. Which explains why she looks different. Tho she’s a beauty nonetheless. And sorry for the intermissions! (Because once in a while, I like playing with different families.) Normal chapters will resume, soon.

I confess, this chapter is actually just an excuse for me to post pictures of Ariana. 😛

(Ariana’s POV)

All my life I lived with mom and mom. They aren’t my real parents of course. To be honest, I didn’t know where I came from, or who my real parents were. I supposed it didn’t matter. My last name was changed to Moonglow ever since mommy Rebecca (I called them by their names to differentiate) brought me home from the orphanage. That was home, to me.


Tomorrow will be my 21st birthday. Oh how time flies! I still remembered myself being this shy little girl whom meekly followed mommy home. I loved my home. I’m eternally grateful to my moms. It was serendipitous knowing what having a real family felt like. However, I thought it was time to leave the nest.

Nonetheless, goodbyes were tough to say.






I chose San Myshuno. The city had me at hello. I was captivated by the lights and bustle when I first stepped foot. The city made me felt alive.

I rented a small apartment in the brownstone building Jasmine Suits, situated at the vibrant Spice Market. Rent was reasonable, and it didn’t need TLC. My moms had a house ready, but I refused. I felt I had depended on them more than enough. And somehow, I felt acquainted with the place.


I yearned to discover my roots and perhaps I might find my answers here. People here looked like me, I think.


The first thing I did was to check out the local flea market. Even rare collectibles could be found here, they said, if your luck’s on the roll. Though the only bargain I found today was this interestingly designed lamp. I needed a lamp anyway. I’m a strong believer of the saying beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.


Living in the city had also helped me put things into perceptive. Such that life isn’t fair. Like beautifully furnished apartments coexisting with apartments with every problem in the book, in the same building. Some people lived a blessed life, but others struggled to get by. I realised I refuse to accept it as an unfortunate fact. Certainly there were things that could be done, and I wished to make a difference. It was when I choose to devote into ‘No Sim Left Behind’. 

Perhaps a career in activism was my calling.


And what is a better place to rally people into my cause than festivals?



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