2.19. Cherish



I still loved painting. Nothing would change my passion for it, but I spent considerably less time in the studio. I had a few easels at the balcony, whenever inspiration struck me. And that allowed me to spend time with my family. Sometimes Roisin sat and watched me paint. It was sweet. She was what that pulled me through during the tough times. My beautiful rainbow after the storm.

I ruffled her hair. She had mom’s golden locks. I saw a bit of mom in her.

Loss reminded me of what I have. And to cherish what I have, before I lost them again. I might have realised this rather late in life, but I supposed, better late than never.


And also, it was time to reconnect with the rest of the family. Like those days before where aunt Rebecca, Cullen would stop by often. I hadn’t seen them all for a while. And after all that ordeal I just wanted to be with my family. Leila, and especially Eleanor, my BFF since childhood. We had so much to talk.

(Roisin’s POV)

I love the city. I think it loves me too.

It was sad that grandpapa and grandmama passed away. I missed them dearly. They were my favourite people, besides papa and mama of course. But papa told me they had since gone off to a better place and I should be happy for them. Perhaps I really should.



But I still missed grandmama helping me with homework. (Papa wasn’t good at homework, sadly.) Or grandpapa’s hugs. Grandpapa was like a bear. He was a great hugger. 😦 But I got to see papa more often now.


And also mama. I had a hard time dealing with the whole living apart thing, but I guess it was okay now. And since moving to the city, I could visit mama more often. Her apartment wasn’t too far away. Most of the time papa drove me, or mama and sometimes I took the bus. I didn’t mind travelling. And I think I’m big enough to travel by myself.


Also meeting rest of the family. Like grandaunt Rebecca, uncle Cullen and aunt Eleanor. I saw them quite a fair bit in the city. And I liked the stories they were telling me. They always had so many things to say. About my grandparents, and papa.

It was wonderful being around people.






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