3.1. The Good Life

Note: I decided to start her off as a stone cold B a.k.a Mrs Elphinstone, and then look back into her story. Hopefully the next few chapters or so answer your questions on “What happened to my sweet, lovable Roisin?!” 😉



I never thought the hot tub was this amazing. Suddenly I felt a tad silly ignoring the tub. It had been sitting in one corner of the balcony all along. Almost, too long. It was as if I could feel all my stress melting away whenever I sat back in the tub. My mind freed from worries. I felt so at ease. Plus, the view from the penthouse was magnificent. The lights, the signs… Ah, I could get used to life like this.


Sometimes I would take a soak in the tub before school. The steam sharpened my mind, and helped me focus. And sometimes daddy liked having his breakfast at the balcony. Perhaps it was the city view that captivated him too? Anyway, he and mommy got back together. I was ecstatic for them. Finally we’re a proper family again.


My life was pretty much routine. I go to school, I explore the city, and I go home. Now that I’m a teen, I’m given much more freedom to stay out. Provided I be home by curfew of course. Curfew wasn’t a problem. I was usually back way before it.


It was surprising I could do my homework anywhere. I knew some people need the right atmosphere to concentrate, which wasn’t a problem to me. I was on the honour role back in Grade School, and I was determined to accomplish that again.

The other day, I bumped into aunt Ariana, while I was completing homework on the pavement. I know it was unglamorous. But it was a creative writing assignment and I didn’t want the inspiration to go away on the way home, so I bent down there and then to complete it. That position wasn’t comfy though. I felt my knees aching, and aunt Ariana laughing at me.


We chatted for a while more, about the weather and issues. She was going on about the ‘No Sims Left Behind’ cause that she was so passionate about, and I donated a fiver. Doing charity made me feel good.



Miraculously, I kept bumping into my aunts in the city, whereas we hardly did back in Windenburg. Perhaps the city was such a small place after all. I liked talking to people. I didn’t know where I got the interest from. Getting to know people just somehow intrigued me. Anyway, I think aunt Eleanor was stylish. Certainly not like the quintessential suburban mom. I could ask her for fashion tips sometime!


I was very content with the charmed life I led. I had everything I wanted, and I wanted nothing more.

Life was amazing. If only it stayed that way…


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