3.2. A Rivalry Rekindled

Warning: Steamy scenes ahead! Though there’s nothing that you don’t see on TV.

I’m trying to incorporate the third person’s POV too. I think it gives more perspective to my characters. It’s my first time handling POV changes, so please be kind to me. 🙂

Roisin – 

College. It was where everything went downhill.

Mom lent me her apartment. The one she got from dad. Simply because I didn’t want to spend hours on the roads. And I hate being caught in jams.

But she didn’t let me know that Riona was already staying in the apartment. Plum! I felt like nightmare revisited. I felt it was because she hoped we get along, someday. She had good intentions, but little did she realise she just threw me in hell. The truth was, it wasn’t me that sowed the discord. I knew Riona didn’t like me. I didn’t know why. I had enough of her wrath. It was a dread having to live under the same roof again.


Well, Riona definitely wished to show whose the boss here. Whatever. I just need to keep out of her way. And she had this silly boyfriend, Harry or something, around now. She was too busy with him. All the better for me.


Riona was two years older, but she got retained so much that we ended up in the same year in college. Maybe it was an utter embarrassment to her having to take classes with her little sister? For sure she went out of her way to distance herself. Whatever. I had no interest to be in her circle anyway. They all seemed to be intellectually incapable. She had this small group of rabid followers that worshipped her as if she was queen. Nothing was on her own credit though. She was just riding the coattails of our family’s prestige.


Riona – 

Life was amazing. I had this posh apartment all to myself. I had freedom! Well, mommy or daddy do call in to check, but deception was a breeze. I just needed to head off to a quiet corner, or just shush everyone. Viola!


I had this cute boyfriend, Hiro. Did I mention he’s cute already? He looks like your typical bad boy and I totally dig bad boys. I liked the drama, the chase, the danger… It was thrilling! So of course, I had to work my girly charms on him and viola! He’s in the bag.

And of course I had to bring him back. I mean, I didn’t have this lovely apartment for nothing!




And things got a bit frisky after that. 😉 I mean, of course right? What do you get if you put two hormonal teenagers crazily in love in the same room? Things got done. Let’s not pretend we were some sort of saint eh? I’m not a nun sworn to chastity or something.


Life was good. All until Roisin moved it. I couldn’t believe it. I thought mom was perhaps pulling my leg but plum no. She would be coming. Of course I raised hell. But mom bluntly told me I could move if I didn’t want to share the apartment. Plum!

Me moving out and renting a box elsewhere? Not happening! But no way I wanted her back in my life. The day she was born, she took my throne as the Princess of the House. Everyone was fawning over her, not me. Mommy took her side whenever I tried giving her a piece of mind. She deserved it, but surely mom thought otherwise. Grandma was the worst. I think it was because she got her golden hair. Plumbob! Genetics wasn’t something I can control right?? I would never forgive her for it.


And I don’t like the look Hiro was giving her. I mean, out of so many seats in the house, why did he have to sit near her? I don’t like it. I swore I will beat her into a pulp if she ever tries to get her paws on Hiro. She had stolen enough things from me.


Hiro asked me the other day. Who did I think will inherit the legacy. “I don’t know”, I lied. Though honestly, that question made me cringe. Somehow I felt it would be Roisin. I mean, the family were crazy over her. Well, they would leave something for me so I can live comfortably, but to me, that was not enough.

I clenched my fists. Roisin again.



Hiro looked at the dainty figure at the other corner of the dining table. “She’s a beauty!” He thought to himself, mind almost overwhelmed with lust. He almost couldn’t get her face out of his mind. It was hard to avoid seeing one half of the sisters, ever since he welcomed himself to their apartment.

To him the girls were like polar opposites. Riona was sultry and seductive (he had experienced it so many times in the bedroom!) and the sister, preppy and almost-pious. Like the angel and devil. He knew the girls don’t get along. He didn’t want to be caught in the feud. “Bleh! None of my business!” But it didn’t mean he had to limit his options. Riona was his choice of girl, being the more interesting sister, yet he wanted the experience with Roisin too.

He hatched a plan. Something he knew may delight Riona too.



“Plum no! Hiro!” Riona’s face sank.

He placed his hand on her shoulder, “It was just part of the plan…”



“And soon, we can be together again…”


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