3.3. The Breaking

Warning: Contain some brief nudity (again) and innuendoes. Nothing explicit tho!


“Enough Riona!” Hiro seized her arm. “I’m sick and tired of your antics!” Riona stood silent. She just shot daggers at him. If only looks could kill.


“Honestly, it shouldn’t be the way you treat your sister.”

“It’s NONE of your BUSINESS!!” And she stalked off, stomping hard on the wooden floor. Gently, Hiro placed his hand on her shoulders. He grabbed a tissue and wiped her tears. “It’s okay now, Roisin.” He comforted her.


“Why are you…” Roisin stammered, between sobs, “helping me?”

“To be honest, I had an awful brother at home. He was a major plumhead. So in that sense, I can understand your situation… You know, living with a plumhead?”



Roisin –

Perhaps I had underestimated how vile Riona’s silly bunch of goons could be. They were picking on me, every damned chance they got. I knew maybe it was because of my excellent grades, or that I’m pretty. But I felt terrible inside. People in class were going out of their way to make me uncomfortable, and very likely it was because of Riona’s rallying.

“Back off bitches!” Hiro butted and screamed, balling his fists in the air. “I swear I will rearrange your faces if anyone of you ever, I mean ever, bother Roisin again!”


Hiro was always there for me. When the girls got too nasty, when they excluded me from their groups, when they… It seemed Hiro was my saviour. He made college bearable for me. My only friend. And Hiro was there, whenever Riona made things difficult for me at home. He was just a call away. Perhaps I had judged him too hastily, and too harshly.


An unlikely thought sprouted inside my head. He was my knight in shiny armour.



And it surely didn’t take long for me to succumb to his charms.





“What a whore!” A girl whispered to her silly friend as they passed me along the corridor.

“Yea, I didn’t know she was like this…”

“Yo Rose! I can butter your muffin too you know? I’m pretty good at it!”


People were whispering. And they were looking at me. Boys even tried making passes. Wolf whistles, cat calls… It was as if the school transmogrified into pits of hell. I saw dirty stares, disdain, despise everywhere. People were pointing at me, snickering. I heard “slut” many times, and “dirty”. And worst of all, I didn’t know what happened. Why did everyone turn against me?


“Here, see for yourself!” Riona handled me the tablet, her face feigning concern. I knew it was fake. I could see through her.

Then I saw the vile piece of publication. That scathing headline. That big bold words “Roisin Exposed!!” and “Sex for Grades!!!”  They were like daggers, stabbing my guts. It was then I realised the reason behind those ugly red scrawls and those dirty stares.

The wildfire was blaring through the forest, and there was no way I could extinguish it.

Hot tears welled in my eyes. “No!!!” I almost flipped the table. “LIES!!!” I worked hard for my grades. It was a result of my blood and sweat. Never, ever would I sleep with a teacher.




Then I saw those photos. Leaked photos. Photos that weren’t meant to be photos. I surely didn’t take them. Who did? Hiro? No! No! Hiro would never do that to me! He was always so sweet, so protective. I trusted him never would he hurt me.

Hiro was here. He would be protecting me. Like he always did.



He gave a cold smirk. It was the end.


“It’s lovely, sister, lovely!” Riona jeered at her. “Mommy and daddy will be so proud seeing your shameful face in the papers tomorrow!” She said with such a scathing tone, like a knife gorging my insides. I felt my world in shambles, and so ashamed of myself. Mom and dad sent me off with elation, harbouring high hopes with my brilliant grades. And there I repaid them with a scandal. I blamed myself for crushing their expectations. There was no way I could bring myself to face them again. Not in this pathetic state.


The pain, the shame. It was too much to bear. College was awful. And I could not go home.

I ran. And I left. Never to return.




“That will surely ruin her…”

“Told you so! And we are together again.”


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