3.6. A Wedding

Note: One slightly sexy (back)shot.

Roisin –


Dan had been hinting “it” for a while now. Of course I knew what “it” means. Every man had the same desires and Dan wasn’t above it. Only a fool would think her man was special. I had been pulling back, citing Hiro every time. But I knew there was only so many times I could use this excuse to keep him on a string.

He would get frustrated. If I wouldn’t give in, there were so many others that would.


Sometimes, you just don’t have a choice.

“Roisin”, I could see the desire burning in his eyes. But he was trying hard to show otherwise, putting on a gentlemanly stance. “You don’t have to, if you…”

“I am ready.” I cut him off. I knew I had to do it. It was part of the plan.



“Plumbob! Not again!” As I made a dash to the toilet. Another urge to throw up. I had been feeling nauseous for a while and I was certain it wasn’t because of bad food. I only dined at top notch establishments for goodness sake!

“Could it be…?” I wondered. Silently, I wished it was. That would have been the plan. I made a mental note to pick up a pregnancy kit tomorrow.


“Pregnant”. I grinned. I just had to call Dan, and hope everything go according to plan…

“I’m coming back, right now.”


“It’s a beautiful, isn’t it?” He mused. I nodded, saying nothing. We stood silently outside the house. I wished I knew what was inside his mind. I wished he would just get straight to the point. The wait was almost dreadful. I hated to be kept on my toes like this.


“Rose?” His face was stoic, solemn. I winced a little. I could not suss out his expression. What if his reaction went against my expectation? What if he said something callous like get rid of the baby? What if… It was as if my mind was overtaken by the dozen or so what ifs. My heart palpitated. I could really start to feel the anxiety now.


“Will you marry me?”

Instead, he got down to his knees and popped out a ring. The diamond caught light and glistened brightly. It was the biggest diamond I had ever seen. “Perfect!” I thought. I was getting there…

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!” I squealed a little too excitedly, as if I was still a schoolgirl in spring. Though inside my head, I was secretly rolling my eyes at myself. Only fools believed in love. Love is dead.


Preparations for the wedding was hasty, for I was really rushing against time. I was carrying a child and I didn’t want my bump to protrude out against the white dress. Neither did I want a long flouncy gown. It obscured my curves. I staunchly believed in the saying “if you have it, flaunt it” and I was very confident of my figure. I am beautiful. Well, without the bump showing of course!

“Rose, are you okay?” Dan looked at me.


Truth was, I was not. I was getting cold feet. Somehow, I felt it wasn’t a bright idea to rush into a wedding like this. To someone old enough to be my dad. And honestly, there were still things about Dan that I don’t know about. I hated not knowing things. Would I regret it?  I don’t know. Would I really be happy? I don’t know. But I knew being Mrs Elphinstone would surely open a lot of doors. Opportunities. A place in high society…

“Whatever! Only silly schoolgirls will daydream about marrying for love.”


“Oh! It’s just the baby kicking me.” I lied.





“Yes, I do.”



And I was officially Roisin Elphinstone. Though my mind still could not process the events. It was too serendipitous.


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