3.8. Scores

Roisin –


I scrolled through my contact list. Argh! I grumbled at the primitiveness of the phone. Ain’t it supposed to be a “smart” phone? But incredulously enough, it didn’t have a search function for contact lists. And it didn’t help that the number I was looking for was right at the bottom. It was some number of a strange man. But somehow my instincts told me he might be the right person for this job. I tapped the screen.

“Hello Meatball? This is Roisin Elphinstone speaking.”


Tobias –

Roisin’s marriage was like a wrecking ball. She finally came home after so many years; I wished she had been well, but her marriage came as an absolute shock. Dan… As much as I appreciated him as a patron, or maybe a friend even, I was still struggling to accept him as a son-in-law. Dan, and Rose? He was old enough to be her daddy for plum’s sake!


“Dee, what was Rose thinking? I’m afraid she will…”


“She made her choice. All we can do is to wish her well… And I can see Dan really cares about her…”


“Don’t worry Toby. Rose is smart. I’m sure she knew what she was doing.”


Riona –

“WHAT??!” I screamed into the phone. I mean, there was no way this philosophical gibberish could be true. Tommy Burton gave me the chop the last minute?? Impossible. That movie was premiering soon and I knew cutting all my scenes out would poke holes in the plot. No respectable director would self-sabotage their work. Believing it was akin to believing in conspiracy theories. That person on the line must be cracking a bad joke.


“Replacement?! Are you plumming kidding me??? How can they replace all my scenes in one week? It took me weeks to film you know?!!”

“I’m sorry Riona. Director Burton had already announced to the press.” She forwarded me the press release. My role was credited to Patty Kerry.


“I’m sorry, but Director Burton is unavailable to talk. The decision is final.”




“Whoa! Look who we have here!” Tony feigned a mock gasp as he walked through the doors of the lavishly decorated penthouse. This place screamed money everywhere. Very luxurious, and very Roisin indeed. He smirked slightly. He knew he was right about her, ever since the first time he saw her desolate and despondent in the park. Even then he knew there was something more in this broken looking figure. That girl was a femme fatale in disguise; she was a fighter, and he had to admit, surprised him.


He didn’t expect her to call so soon. She exceeded his expectations.

“Meatball?” Roisin cocked her head. “That’s interesting.”

“It’s Tony Corleonesi”, he laughed as he extended a hand, “or just call me Tony.”

“What a common name.”


He sat himself down on one of the sofas. “Whoa!” He exclaimed, “I almost sank into it!” He patted the cushion, it was overstuffed with fluff. Like what people with a penchant for excess luxuries preferred. Roisin smirked a little. It was mildly entertaining seeing someone as villainous as Meatball struggle with her sofa.

“Where’s your husband?” He looked around, hoping to catch sight of the fabled Mr Elphinstone.

“Not here! Don’t know where he is.” She scowled and tapped her fingers, changing the subject. “I didn’t call you here for small talks over coffee.”

“Fair enough. So what do you have for me?”


“A task. I want her ruined.” She slipped a photo of Riona across the table, her eyes narrowing. “I want her reputation in tatters.”

“Whoa! I have heard Tommy Burton gave her the chop so late into production. Very unprecedented. Hasn’t your husband done enough already?”

“No.” Roisin hissed. “I want to make sure nobody, nobody, will ever offer her anymore roles. She has this big dream about becoming a superstar. I want to help her give up.”

“That’s evil!” He snickered, noting her level of callousness. It seemed sisterly relations are dead to her. Admittedly, you don’t get to see stone-hearted Bs like her everyday.

“How?” Roisin cocked her head. “Do we have a deal?”

“Not how, but how much.” He chuckled.


“I for sure didn’t forget you said you charge a lot. Just name your price.”

He looked up for a while, as if calculating some figures. And then he uttered a figure. A mammoth one indeed, enough to stun anyone. He turned and looked at her again, anticipating her reaction.


“We have a deal.” Roisin took out her chequebook. “Just get my task done. And don’t drag my name into it.”

He laughed. “Honestly, I feel my talents are being underutilized her. But you give me good money for it. So on that account I accept. You can never have too much money.” Roisin merely raised an eyebrow.


“You can trust me, Rose.” He blew her a kiss and left.


Notes: Enter Tony Corleonesi, Roisin’s professional Reputation Shredder. 😛


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