3.9. End of a Rivalry

Content warning: A rather heavy topic. And Roisin is a twisted person.



“Mama mama! Where’s daddy? Lance pestered me soon as I stepped into the house.

“He promised to take us to the Llama’s match this Sunday!” Lincoln chipped in. “He won’t forget, will he?”


(Left to right: Lincoln & Lance)

“Go and play with your Voidcritters okay?” I ruffled their heads absent-mindedly. Shouting up the stairs, “Look after the boys, Jo!”

I didn’t know where the plum was Dan honestly.”Whatever!” I shrugged. Men and their business empires. Anyway, there were too many perks being Mrs Elphinstone. I could live with that. Just his accounts, and without his person. Money is invincible. It was what I came to realise after marrying Dan. Only fools cared about love.

“Yea, love is dead.” I mumbled to myself. Just then, my phone rang, distracting myself from the thoughts.

“Rose…Riona… she…” Dad choked over the phone. Riona. I rolled my eyes. The last person I wanted to hear of was Riona. I scrowled as I listened on, “she…perished…in a fire…” Fire. Riona. Perished. I dropped my phone in shock.










Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


The apartment was grey and void. After the fire took everything. There was only a single lonely urn sitting on the floor. Everything that was left of Riona. There used to be life, but now it was only the ashes that remained.


“NO!! IT CAN’T BE MY RIONA!” Mommy broke down upon seeing the urn. So did daddy. I don’t think I ever saw daddy cry. And I think I could sympathise with them. As much as I hated Riona. As a mother, I could understand the trauma of losing a child. The pain was devastating, like gorging of one’s guts. And what a cruel twist of fate it was that a parent had to mourn for his child. Nobody should have to go through this. Not even my enemies.

Stony-faced, I delivered a short eulogy as my parents continued wailing. Their cries reverberated across the empty walls, making the ambience so much melancholic.


I could see how shattered they were. But for me, there wasn’t any tears in my eyes. It just seemed too phony to cry over someone I despised with a passion.


Privately, a grin spread across my face. The feud was over. The rivalry, no more.



I could not help thinking Riona had a lucky escape. It would have been much worse if she had lived. And secretly I wished she had survived that fire. So I could torment her slowly, and that agony would be hundredfold more painful. The fire saved her.


And it meant I paid Tony for nothing. The fire did his job.

Shrugging my shoulders, “Nah, just write it off as goodwill.” I thought to myself. Hopefully that money would sweeten him up and inspire his dedication. It would be useful keeping him around. Instincts told me he would be of a great help to me. This might be a long term partnership even.


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