3.10. Ascent

“Whoa! Look who’s visiting!” Tony extended a hand. “Welcome, Mrs Elphinstone.”

“Tsk!” Roisin rolled her eyes. Who cared about pleasantries. Their relationship was merely transactional. One had the money, and the other could get things done. There was nothing deeper beyond that. Roisin nodded to herself, surely nothing was impossible with money.

“So…” Roisin began, “What do we have? I doubt you will call me over for nothing.”

Tony paused for a moment. He looked up at her. “Didn’t you instruct me to snoop into your husband’s business a while ago?” He stated matter of fact.


Roisin touched her neck sheepishly. Her pride prevented her from admitting anything. Indeed, she didn’t know what the plum was going on with Dan, and she hated not knowing things. The truth hurts, but ignorance hurts more.

She let out a small cough, and forced a smile. “So what have you found?”


There was a twinkle in his eyes, an incomprehensible wicked glint. Slowly, he stroked his chin. “Incriminating stuff.” He nodded his head. “Very incriminating stuff.”


Roisin –

“Come in!”


I knew I had to establish connections. Besides Tony, I had to have people on the right side working for me as well. Dan had a strong disdain for politicians. He said they were glib with words and empty on promises. In fact, he refused to support any of them running for office, instructing his security to turn away every politician that showed up looking for donations.

Perhaps I could work that to my advantage.

I knew Aunt Ariana was on Vincent Feng’s campaign team and I knew she could hook me up. To be honest, I didn’t care about Victor Feng or his policies. But I knew he was shrewd and dedicated to his donors. High chances he would be the next governor. It was crucial to have key policymakers serving your interests.

“Of course Roisin! I can arrange a meeting for you. And thank you for your contribution!”

“Not a problem!” I chirped too enthusiastically, so much so I thought I deserve a prize for my acting. “No Sims Left Behind is a very good cause. I am impressed with Vincent’s work to bridge inequalities among Sims…”

“Please excuse me for a minute. I will get Mr Feng on the phone.”


She sat down again a while later. “Mr Feng will be expecting you at 3 today.”

“Thank you, Aunt Ariana!”


“Mrs Elphinstone, it’s to my great pleasure that…”

I cut him off. I had no time for politician talk seriously. Most of them were just empty words, full of style but no substance. And I was here to see things get done, not for chit-chats. “You can expect to see the funds tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mrs Elphinstone for your contribution.”

I nodded. “Vincent, I sincerely hope you can understand why the current divorce law is crap and I wish to see…”

I could see Vincent rubbing his hands, suppressing the glee that he didn’t want to show. I merely smirked to myself. Just dangle donations in front of such people and they will gravitate towards you. Dan was simply not smart enough to see the usefulness of them. And it was all the better for me honestly.

“Yes Mrs Elphinstone, I will certainly see what changes can I propose.”

“Great.” I shook his hand. “It’s a pleasure meeting you.”


“BREAKING: Roisin Elphinstone’s Exorbitant Divorce!!”


I smirked. Every publication was abuzz with news of my divorce. More free press coverage for me. I believed that the more influential you are, the more interested the press would be in your affairs, even mundane ones like this. There is no such thing as bad publicity. And it seemed society went crazy this time. I put my PR Manager on line, it was an opportune time to establish connections. And I was confident he would spun some gold from this straw of publicity. Afterall, I don’t pay people good money for nothing.

It’s only a billion. Just a small dent on his finances. He’ll recover pretty easily. I’m sure he had lost much more in the stock markets before. I shrugged. I could not divulge any details as part of the settlement, but I supposed it didn’t matter. It encouraged speculations, and more people would be talking about me. And to top it off, I got a billion just like that.

I’m nearing the top. All I was left to do was to get rid of those old matrons that had been hogging the top spot for too long. And I was pretty sure Tony could see to that. He had been a great help recently. It’s almost time to perch myself on the tip of society’s pyramid, and have people grovel at my knees. I never felt so accomplished in my life.


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