3.14. I’m Back!

Roisin –


I looked over the balcony. Bright lights, glistening signs, towering skyscrapers. It was a beautiful city. It was a city of hope, dreams and possibilities. It was my city. And I wanted it to be that way for my children too. The city would be their oyster.


Hadn’t it been three years already since Tony left? Oh how time flies! The baby had grown up now, her name’s Gia by the way, and I managed to wrangle the twin’s custody from Dan. Well, strictly speaking only Lance because Lincoln insisted he wanted to live with his father. The silly judge somehow thought it would be cruel to go against a child’s wishes.

I mean, it was okay. I knew Dan wanted to groom him into his successor. Heir to the Elphinstone fortune. That boy had his future secured that way.  But I couldn’t deny it was sad nonetheless. Lincoln was so attached to his father, and it made me feel like an outsider intruding their little family.



Most of my days were spent schmoozing people and making connections. I was flying up society’s ladder and in no time, I would be at the top. It was an all-powerful feeling really. To be the fairest of them all.


And occasionally with the children. I didn’t want to miss out too much. I had Jo, and the governess looking after them. They seemed to be fine, so I didn’t see a problem with that arrangement. Afterall, I had only 24 hours a day and I barely had time for myself.


There were important things, like speeches to rehearse. It was for a very important dinner event, and I had the honour to give a speech. Certainly there was no room for error. People would for sure laugh their pants off if I stuttered midway or something. Que horror!


My life had sunk into a routine by now. Until that phone call disrupted it all over again.

Tony. He was back. And he wanted to meet.



Apprehensively, I stepped out of the elevator. Not knowing what to expect. I wondered what was Tony’s motive to be back once more, and asking me out. My feelings was in a mess. As at the same time, I felt those long forgone affections coming back to me. I was still not over him, even after three years. Three damn years.


“Enchante, Rose.” He took off his hat. “I see you are still as gorgeous as ever.”

I stood silent, suddenly tongue tied with words. It was very unlike of me to. I usually could find the right things to say, in every situation. But just not this one. Facing an old lover. I hated to admit, but he stripped me of my pretences.

“Why did you leave? And why are you back again?”

“I had businesses to settle. They are all right now. And…I came back for you.”

“Call me crazy but it was love at first sight. I don’t know… I mean, I don’t encounter ladies as lovely and as evil as you Rose…”


I was certainly not over him. He would always be my only love.


“Please give me a chance to make it right for you. And Gia. Will you marry me, Rose?”

It was the least thing I had expected, besides this intense reunion. I blinked, many times with uncertainty. Was I dreaming? Was I perhaps, in a trance and everything tonight was unreal? I took a deep breathe, trying to compose myself.

Tony. Back. Proposing…

It was too unreal.

“Rose…?” He tilted his head sideways, waiting for an answer.

“Yes!” I choked. “Yes, I will marry you.”







I don’t know if I can ever comprehend this craziness. But for once, it didn’t matter. I had Tony. A wicked reunion. All along, I never believed in fairytales. But this wasn’t your conventional, soppy story. Could this be real after all…?


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