3.16. Family

Roisin –


Sometimes it takes a loss to remind you of what you cared about, most. Sometimes it takes a death to remind you to cherish the ones that are living. Don’t take anything for granted. It was what I learnt after the loss of Tony. Family. I still have my family. Appreciate them before they are gone.


Sometimes your family gets mad at you. For less than stellar decisions. Sometimes they chided you to get a grip on your life. Sometimes you could see the disappointment in them, though they didn’t utter a word. But at the end of the day, they’ll forgive. Family don’t hold grudges. Somehow I saw the truth in the saying blood runs thicker than water. Your family will always be your family. There will be ups, and downs. But ultimately, they will always be there for you.


Daddy and mommy were getting on years now. Sometimes I felt frightened. At the thought that they might be leaving too, some day. That’s life I supposed; there will be ups, and downs. There will be those that come, and those that leave. But I don’t know how would I live if they are no longer here. I mean, we had lived apart for years now, but somehow I knew they were always there, somewhere. I knew they were always there for me, anytime I wished to come by. How do you expect me to deal with the fact that someday, I would no longer be seeing them…?

They said there was a better place after life. But deep down I didn’t want them to leave for a better place. I wanted them to be with me.


Perhaps the best thing I could do, was to cherish the times we had. Family time. It had been so long we sat down as a family, beside the dining table. Simple as that. I knew we had family meal times together, back when grandmama and grandpapa were still alive. I still missed them, sometimes. I fondly remembered them. I was glad I got to meet them.

And that was part of the reason I invited my parents to move in with me. Get to know their grandpapa and grandmama, and perhaps be enlightened by them. My grandparents touched my life, somehow and I hoped the same for my children. Dan, actually his driver to be exact, sent Lincoln over every weekend. I was glad at least we could see eye to eye on this issue. The children deserved a chance to get to know their grandparents.


I mean, I might not be the perfect person, but I do have a heart you know? And my parents, I had always loved them since young and nothing was going to change that. After all these turmoil, I was glad I had a family.


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