Interlude: Joice – Tellin’ it like it is!

Joice –


Hiya! I’m Joice! Welcome to my blog! Don’t know if you’ve ever heard about me, but whatever! Anyway, let me start off with my family. Oh! I’m an absolute selfie-holic so you’ve been warned! I mean, if you have it, flaunt it ya?


My dad’s Cullen Moonglow. I don’t blame you if you hadn’t heard of him, he wasn’t a very impressive dude unfortunately. (But ever badmouth him and I’ll beat the shit outta you. I mean it.) My mama is Morgan Fyres. She’d left us. She was older than my dad. I missed her.

You might have heard about my rather famous grandma, Rebecca Moonglow though. Or the even more illustrious artist, Tobias. (Though I tell you a secret, I think he’s a sellout.) Or the Llama’s All Star Eleanor. Or even the society darling that couldn’t keep her husbands, Roisin What’s-her-name. Couldn’t stand that bitch. She acts as if she’s holier-than-thou. Call me jealous if ya want, haters! But I think her life is pathetic. I might not have billions, but at least my life ain’t plastic. And I have real friends. (Don’t pretend we don’t know, but those women that grovel around her? They all secretly hated each other. How pathetic is that?)

Anyway, nuff said about her. This post is all about ME!


I’m a writer. Well, an aspiring one seeing a $6 royalty check ain’t something to gloat about ya? But I believed I’m getting there. What’s so great about writing you ask me? I don’t know really, but I think writing is therapeutic. And I can write about people I don’t like in the most unflattering ways possible and kill them off in the most insulting way, you know like eaten by Cowplants? Ha!


And I like talking to pizza guys. Honestly, I think Pizza Guys are the most under appreciated population. I know nobody likes waiting for pizzas. And I know sometimes they left the pizzas at the stupidest place – behind the trashcan, anyone? But it doesn’t hurt to spare 2 minutes showing some appreciation? At least to the nice ones that doesn’t screw up ya. C’mon people! Thank a pizza guy today!


Oh, and clubbing is da bombz! I believed more so when you’re underaged, and perhaps not much when you’re actually legal. Part of the enjoyment lies in the thrill in sneaking in. Oh the adrenaline rush! Though honestly, nobody gave a shit. Everyone is doing it and believe me, those dive bars needed the money. So who cares if it’s from underaged girls?

Anyway, I’m almost legal. A few days more till my birthday. And I think people that invented age restrictions are dumb.



And actually, part of my fascination with dive bars is that they’re a hot spot for phenomenal appearances. In less geeky terms, ghosts. Don’t laugh at me, but I really believe ghosts exists. I actually saw one dancing behind me, and two at a corner don’t know doing what. I think most ghosts are pretty harmless actually. They just craved some human fun once in a while. So c’mon people! Forget what those horror movies tell you.


Though once in a while, there would be judgemental old crones that behaved as if we shouldn’t be here. Whatever. To those people, just show them the finger and… Well, I don’t have to elaborate ya? YOLO!!


Though don’t judge me as a renegade just because I have tattoos will you? Do it and I’ll give you a piece of mind. I believe tattoos are just a form of self-expression. Nothing more, nothing less. And I confess I’m a huge geek at heart. OMG! Geekcon is coming to Windenburg can you believe it??! And I love the library. Incredulously, the library is the place to go whenever I bummed off school. (⊙﹏⊙✿)

Hey you! Stop laughing at me!


The library is one of the bestest place to be honest. I mean, name a second place that is so quiet, and with fast internet? It is so much better than those internet cafes sprouting all over the place like mushrooms. Those places are the worst. Imagine being surrounded by all the cacophony and teenagers with erupting zits. Not the place for me for sure!


I know most people will name San Myshuno as the place to be. You know, all that cliche about the City of Dreams but I feel Windenburg is the place for me. I want to move into Windenburg after graduation for sure. I feel it is one of the under rated places ever. I don’t know why people hyped about the night scene in the city. Windenburg has a robust night scene too! And some quietness, if you’re ever tired of the bustle because believe me, noise gets to your nerves after a while. So dear readers, forget about the city. Move to Windenburg. And you might catch me as a bonus!

Anyway it’s getting late and my eyes are having issues staying open so see ya again!


Oh! Ending off with a selfie of me!


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