3.17. Love Goes On

Roisin –


It was the twins birthday today. And as their mama, I felt it was my duty to make a cake. Though I swore I should have left it to the professionals. My forte did not lie in making cakes. Honestly it was an awkward sight with me struggling to stir the mixture in a ginormous bowl. But I supposed it was the effort that counts. And it wasn’t me that will take charge of the cleaning up anyway.


And the boys were exceptionally enthusiastic. Dan sent Lincoln over today. The boys deserved to celebrate their birthday together me thinks. Frankly, it was good seeing Lincoln again. Boy was growing up so fast. I wished we could spend more time together.


And I was sure Lance was over the moon too. Getting to see his twin and all. The boys were always talking every night over Simbook. And on weekends, it was either Lincoln coming, or Lance going over. I was glad separation did not dilute the friendship between these two.

Though at times, I felt a tinge of guilt. I knew how it feels living apart from your parents, and I really didn’t want my boys to go through the same thing.



“Perfect!” I mouthed at the mirror as I slapped on the last of the finishing powder. I had to look flawless. Tonight had to be perfect. There was no room for gaffes or closet malfunctions. Lily said she was going to introduce me to Robert Li, the reknown industrialist of SVMSNNG Electronics, the new technology giant that gave Landgraab Industries a run of its money. I was determined to make an impression on the man.


I took a double take at my reflection. I grinned. I was irresistible. And fortunately my parents would be there to look after the children. Though other than Gia, I didn’t think the boys needed much looking after. They were teens now and they could make their own decisions. Though I still felt it was a necessity to plan for their future. Like making the right connections, and the right kinds of girls to meet. I had my eyes on Lucielle Stark, the adopted daughter of the industrialist Tony Stark. She was my ideal daughter-in-law. I supposed I had to drop by Stark Industries someday. So much things to do!


“Pleased to meet you, Roisin.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Mr Li. I have heard so many wondrous things about you.”

He chuckled. I could see he was definitely taken in. I mean, who wouldn’t? I’m definitely pretty and eligible. I had the looks and the money. Admittedly, I was attracted to wealth and power, but I was unlike those young social-climbing desperados dying to hook a rich man. I already had the status. I sought just to enhance it. In life, it was not about what you know, but who you know. Therefore it was imperative to know the right people.


“I shall excuse myself and make you all some tea.” Lily suddenly stood up in the midst of conversation. From the corner of my eye, I caught her giving me a knowing wink.


Instantly, I scooted to the spot beside him. Softly giggling about empty spaces and such. If there was one skill I picked up from not finishing college, it was definitely getting along with people. Unfortunately schools nowadays don’t teach you anything about saying the right things in the right situations and such. It was a pity really, though not as if I wanted any changes to the status quo. Scarcity is what that makes things valuable.


“I hope I can see you again, Rose!”

I could see he was definitely interested. It might be just a flash, but I could certainly catch a sad glimmer in his eyes that he had to leave. He really didn’t want to.

Of course he didn’t want to.


“Shall I see you downstairs?” I offered. “I am preparing to leave anyway…”


“All right!” He chuckled. “After you, madam.” He held the door for me. I could not help marvelling what a fine gentleman he was.



I don’t like to admit, but Robert enchants me. It was as if there was desire burning inside me. That I was falling for him and I had to have him. Although for sure I would not be the one to confess. Proactivity in such areas wasn’t encouraged in polite society. It was an unwritten rule to let the man do all the chasing.


But it was the first time in so many years I felt like a giggly schoolgirl again.


“It’s getting late now Robert, I have to excuse myself…”

He didn’t let me finish the sentence.



“Spend the night with me, Rose?”

“The pleasure is mine.”






I know it might sound like an airheaded schoolgirl but I am really inclined to believe it was third time lucky for me. Tony’s demise left a void within me and maybe, just maybe, Robert might be the one that fills the gap.



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