3.18. A Third Chance

Roisin –


Sometimes you couldn’t sit and wait for things to come to you. You had to make it happen. And that applied to my relationship with Robert. Despite seeing each other for over a year, he showed no intentions of popping that question. To be honest, husband sounded much better than boyfriend. And I didn’t think I could simply sit and wait. Youth was my asset, and youth was limited. If he still didn’t catch the hint despite those copies of Real Brides I “accidentally” left around the house, then it meant I had more work to do.


I certainly didn’t sign up doing all the housework for nothing. Honestly, like who wanted to do their own laundry if they had staff? It was how I knew he was an avid reader of Time, Bloomberg and all those boring magazines. And I knew my grandmama was featured on them many years ago. I swore he still kept a copy of them in his possession! Quite evidently he looked up to my grandmama, so I painstakingly dug out this vintage piece to channel her looks. Me thinks I looked quite a lot like grandmama really.

Subtle reminders, anyone? I could see he was definitely impressed.


Windenburg. Back to where it all began. Despite being a city girl, sometimes I still missed the quaintness of the suburbs. I didn’t really like being kept on my toes all the time. That kind of lifestyle was too hectic. I needed time for myself too alright?



Von Haunt Estate. I remembered it was where my grandmama reunited with grandpapa, and it was where daddy married mama. This place was full of stories. It seemed my family had so much affiliation with this place. I might even be inclined to believe there was something miraculous about this place. So much nostalgia.


And it is easy weaving a sentimental tale out of nostalgia. And men, after achieving monetary success, want to pursue deeper things.


I’m nailing it, it seems…


Frankly it was the biggest and shiniest diamond I had ever seen. I was definitely surprised by it. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And of course, the bigger your bling, the happier your life seemed to be.




We decided to hold the wedding at the Chateau gardens. Just like my parents did so many years ago. My parents were getting old, and I wanted them to witness this wedding. And knowing they had an aversion to the press, I decided we only want close family in attendance. I surrounded the place with security in case some rogue paparazzi decided to sneak through. Though I promised exclusive wedding photos to certain publications. I mean, what else could be a better way to flaunt your perfect life than weddings?


Incredulously, I got cold feet again. It was an unexplainable feeling really. Like why was I even feeling doubtful? Robert was everything I had asked for. Right?


Though the wedding must go on. A wedding that didn’t happen? A bride fleeing from her wedding? How gauche! I shook off my self-doubts and sauntered towards the arch.





“I am making the right decision.” I prepped myself. To be honest, I didn’t know. But marrying Robert seemed to be the best option for us at that moment.







I hoped my children understand I was doing it partly for their future. I might not be the perfect mother, but I for sure wanted the best for my children. I wanted them to breeze through life, as if anything was possible to them. Intentions, that was all that mattered right?


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