3.20. Interview with Roisin – Part 1

Roisin Moonglow on her family, and what it means to be a mother.


As told by Sofia Bjergsen.



Uptown. The luxurious heart of San Myshuno. Home to the rich and powerful.


One can never comprehend the level of apprehension I felt as I approached the luxurious apartment complex. Soon I am about to come face to face with the billionaire heiress, the society’s darling, Roisin Elphinstone Li nee Moonglow herself.

“Hello Ms Bjergsen! Madam is expecting you upstairs.” I took one last deep breathe as I was paged in by her housekeeper Johanna.


Roisin (R): Hello Sofia, pleased to meet you!

Roisin chirped excitedly as she greeted me with a firm handshake. And housekeeper Johanna immediately brought out the teas and cakes. They’re impressive, I tell you! Something I come to expect from the impeccably dressed socialite in front of me. She has immaculate tastes; and tastes, I believe, is something that is hard to acquire. The best way is to be born with it, it seems.

I looked around, of what was formerly the Starlight Lounge. I admit I was instantly entranced. This penthouse had arguably the best bird eye’s view of the City, and I could for sure comprehend why Roisin would choose buy out the property and build a triplex in place, rather than purchasing any of the other available penthouses in the city. A scenic view of the skyline trumps over everything.

R: This one offers the best view, second to none. And it is not something money can buy.

Sophia (S): I have to say, I agree!

Roisin on Family

Born with a silver spoon – from the back of my head I can recall her grandmother Rachel, former CEO of Simbook; her grandfather Kason, the Celebrity Chef and her father, world renowned artist Tobias Moonglow – It seems accomplishments just run in the family. So it is very self-evident Roisin led an extremely comfortable life growing up…


R: I still fondly look back at those wonderful times. It is lovely really, I love my grandparents, and I love my parents. I was really broken when my grandparents passed away. I miss them so much. And sometimes it’s a little sad knowing those carefree days are long gone. Life it seems, isn’t always a bed of roses.

S: Oh definitely. And as we know, you did not get along with your sister. Riona, was her name?

R: It was unfortunate really. Riona never liked me. And it had been that way from young. I used to be jealous of my classmates who had doting, older sisters. Mine kept picking on me, for whatever reasons she could find. To be honest, I still don’t know why… I wished I could have gotten along with Riona. It was a pity really.


I could definitely see a tinge of sadness hearing her recounting the times with her sister. A sibling can more often be a best friend second to none, but occasionally, they can be your worst nightmare. As experts said, sibling rivalry often starts with the birth of the second child. While extremely frustrating, I hope parents can understand and do everything they can to help their children get over their differences amicably.

R: I’m sorry Sofia, but please excuse me as I prepare dinner for the children. And do join us too!

S: Certainly, Roisin. We can talk whist waiting for the burgers to cook.


R: Frankly, usually Johanna is the one that does the cooking. But if I can help it, I will do it. Johanna’s a hard worker and sometimes I wish she can take a break. And I want to be as much of a hands-on mum as I possibly can. You know, children grow up so fast and I didn’t want regrets, like missing out on their childhood. Time does not rewind.

And I had the opportunity to meet her lovely children. They are simply wonderful, cheery and polite. Let me introduce them, shall we?


Gia Moonglow. Always smiling, always a bundle of joy to the family. “Oh, mama and papa loved her so much!” Roisin quipped as she garnished those burgers.


And enjoying a night swim, we have Lance Moonglow, who flashed us his mega-watt smile. “What a charmer!” Roisin chirped in and I have to say, I agree. I am pretty sure he will make girls crazy over her. The next Don Juan? We shall see. 😉


And I had a bite of those lovely burgers. It was simply tasty and I would say, almost as good as Gordon Ramsey’s. “Though I certainly couldn’t compare to grandpa’s!” Roisin blushed as I complimented her on her culinary prowess. I can definitely understand but I still believe her burgers are as good as it can get.

S: I know you may have been asked this often, but, as a mother, what are your plans for your children?

R: Hmm…(she hesitates a little) As a mother, ultimately, all I want is for them to be happy, and healthy. I know many wished for success, but to me, success is not everything. No matter how accomplished you think you are, there will always be someone better off, richer, more powerful than you. So what I would like to tell my children is that why compare yourself to others? Neither will I, I think. I will be more than glad if my children grow up to be healthy and happy. And be a good person. These are my only expectations…

S: Very well said. And I definitely agree success isn’t everything.


Roisin sharing a heart warming moment with her mom. “She is the most favourite person in the world!” Oh, definitely! We can sense the genuine affection between the two women as they go about exchanging banters. “Hello there!” Delia, Roisin’s mother greeted me warmly as she saw me walking through the doors. For once, they seemed to be just like any normal loving families out there. Who said the affluent families are always loveless? They definitely need to spend a weekend with the Moonglows or two!


R: Oh my! Sorry for the disruption. I can’t help it but to me, family duties always comes first. I put my family first. I believe family is always there for me.

We can definitely understand. And frankly, this is what that impressed me even more. She is a great balance between a socialite,a mother and a family woman, often putting motherly duties first. Hope there is something we all can learn from.


It is a honour having a heart to heart talk with Roisin, known to be notoriously private with her life. “I believe some things are personal, and I wish to keep it that way” is what she loved to say. I cannot help but agree. In this era of social media prominence, people tend to overshare their lives for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps for fame, perhaps for attention but sometimes one should contemplate whether is it a wise decision to? Maybe, some things should better be off private, as the famous saying goes, scarcity brings value.


In the hours that I spent with Roisin, she almost felt like an old friend, that nice old friend you love to spend time catching up with. Unlike what critics condemned her for her cold exterior and holier-than-thou attitude. I don’t see that in her. I find her to be polite, and almost approachable. Perhaps the saying that “get to know someone before you judge” is true? I have an inclination to believe those people had never spend a moment with Roisin, before condemning her to the moon and back. It is unfair really. But I suppose again, it is the price for fame, as what people said.


Next time: Roisin on Love. Which is the part two of my interview with Roisin, and we shall talk about her relationships, her outlook to love, and what she looks for in a potential son/daughter-in-law. Stay tuned! And you can see I am excited already.

This is Sofia Bjergsen, signing off.


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