Interlude 2: Joice – Friendship

Joice –


Hiya guys! One post workout selfie from me. *blow kisses* Here’s a tip: Always take a selfie after workout. Always. You know, just to show you’re keepin’ fit and stuff. And for me I believe I look the best after a workout. *shy face*


Anyway, I like to talk about friends today. Real friends I mean. Not plastic ones that you know secretly hates on you behind your back. (I’m very inclined to mention a certain someone here but I’m a person with restraint so yeah. Though loyal readers might have guessed who eh?) Those people, believe me, are NOT friends. Rest assured they will ditch you when shit happens. And you know it.


Moving on to my friends… I kinda liked hanging out with those Partihaus peeps. I’ve been hanging out with them almost everyday. They’re seriously a fun bunch. And pretty hawt too, to be honest. Ooh look at those muscles!! 😛




I liked people who knew how to have fun. I mean, who liked doing mundane things all day? Don’t ya’ll know where’s something out there called life?  I mean, if you do, why don’t you get out and enjoy it? I don’t get it with some people honestly. They worked hard for everything, but in the end, they moan and lament on how they ended up missing out enjoying life. Hey! You had a choice, you wasted it on your pursuit of wealth. :S That’s not the way I wanted to live. Live for the moment, is what I’d subscribed to.


Oh, this picture serves no purpose. Although it’s definitely some good eye candy ya? Another tip for you people: throw in some gratuitous eye-candy pictures out there from time to time. People will thank you for it.

Anyway, before haters start hatin’ on me for improper advice, let me disclaim that this is mah blog and mah views. Might be different from yours. And sometimes you better not take me too seriously for it eh?


Another gratuitous shot. Erm, almost. One downside of those Partihaus clique is that there is not a single damn book in their house. Can you believe it? I mean, I’m fully aware they are fun people, and fun people had no time for books. But unfortunately, I quite enjoy reading stuff as much as I like having fun. And those ain’t the people I will call to geek out.

No offence Marcus, and Paolo! You guys are nice friends. I will definitely call you out if there’re some crazy paarty in town. Just that I won’t call you out if I want someone to go to Geekcon with!

Joice will tell you, find the right people for the right sorts of fun. Or it will be akin to fitting a square peg into a round hole.


Anyway, meet my geek-out buddy. He’s cute ain’t he? Though it’s unbelievable Joaquin is a DJ! I mean, he’s the biggest geek out there that I know, and can you imagine Mr Dorky DJaying all night? Er…


No offence ‘Quin! You know you loved me, as much as I do love you. Don’t get it wrong guys! “Love” here is expressed in a mutual friend-friend way. And seriously, I think it’s still way to early to think about romance now. Don’t judge me on my appearance ya?! I believe in finding that one true love and be with him forever you know? Call me a ol’ romantic at heart.

Anyway, here’s an abrupt end to this entry because I want to play Blicblock now! See ya!


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