3.21. Interview with Roisin – Part 2

Roisin’s take on love, relationships and role models.


As told by Sofia Bjergsen



I am at the famous Von Haunt Estate, known for its beautiful chateau gardens and occasional phenomenal appearances.


It is certainly a pleasure meeting Roisin again and this time, she invites me on a impromptu trip to Windenburg. On a exquisite limousine no less! Definitely travelling in style I would say. As you may know, Roisin and her family originally hails from Windenburg, and unarguably, her roots will always be there. “It will always have a place in my heart”, she said dreamily. I can definitely understand her attachment to this place. Childhood memories are always the fondest it seems. And Windenburg is beautiful. I strongly recommend you all to make a trip to the Von Haunt Estate next time you visit!


And it was where I get the chance to sit down for a chat with her on relationships, surrounded by the lush foliage of the Chateau.

Roisin (R): I’m ready! And it’s a beautiful place, isn’t it?

She nodded her head, as if lost in thoughts.

R: So many memories here. It is as if I feel like I’m home.

Roisin on Love


Thrice married, Roisin is certainly not a novice at love. And she is known to be infamously tight-lipped about her past relationships. Seizing the iron while it’s hot, of course I jumped at the chance to ask her all about it. I mean, you don’t get to sit down and talk with Roisin everyday. And probably it will be the first and only time she’s willing to open up all about it.

Roisin had her first relationship at the tender age of 17. Speaking about first loves, I could see a sad flick in her eyes as she declined to elaborate. “It’s someone I don’t wish to talk about.” She shuddered. Well, people say the first cut is always the deepest and I suppose Roisin’s not all above that.

Though she won’t be heartbroken for long it seems. For not too long after, she met her first husband – media magnate Dan Elphinstone. A man more than 20 years her senior. By whom she had her two lovely sons – twin boys Lance and Lincoln.

Roisin and Dan, in the happier times.

R: To me, age was never an issue. Call me young and naive, but he was kind, he was charming, and he cared so much about me. It was all that mattered really. Looking back, I really missed those times. After feeling so shattered after my first relationship, I thought I could learn to love again…

Sofia (S): Unfortunately, it seems good times didn’t last…

R: (She shakes her head sadly) Irreconcilable differences… We spent too much time apart. Dan had his business to run and I knew running an empire is far from a walk in the park but… I guess we had drifted.

I am sure you all won’t be a stranger to the ‘Divorce of the Century’, from which Roisin received a hefty settlement amount. She refused to disclose the amount, though it was said to be in the billions. “It’s private”, she shrugs. Though she insists they parted with no hard feelings – “We are still on cordial terms, and Dan’s keeping in touch with the boys.”


Despite all odds, Roisin has not a single bad word to say about her ex-husband. It seems marriages might end, but it does not mean the animosity should exist between the couple. Till today, I see gratitude in her eyes as she recounts the story to us.

R: To be honest, I am very thankful to Dan. Without him I doubt I would be where I am today.

Marrying into the Elphinstone family certainly had its benefits. But I feel what I learnt from her most is gratitude. Roisin has a lot of gratitude in her. There is always somebody in her life she is grateful for. And it seems it does not hurt being thankful to people, don’t you think?

S: So… what happens next?

Tony Corleonesi. Roisin’s second husband.

I could see husband number 2 is still a sore spot of her. Her face fell upon being reminded of Tony, “the love of my life” she said sadly. It seems it is something she will never discuss.

R: (She shakes her head, her voice barely audible) I loved him so much. But he’s gone now…

And seeing her on the brink of tears really breaks my heart. I know how hard is it for someone to let go the love of their life. It is as if you cannot help but be reminded of that person, no matter how hard you tried to suppress. We can only hope in time, she will be able to fully move on.

S: Are you all right, Roisin?

R: I am. Let’s continue, shall we? (She said in the affirmative)


R: Oh, Robert and I met at a party. (Roisin on her husband, billionaire industrialist Robert Li) Actually it was Lily Feng that introduced us. I supposed we hit off really well then.

I am sure you are no stranger to the Fengs – Lily Feng, wife of San Myshuno’s current governor Victor Feng. Anyway, back to Roisin…

R: I mean, we have so many things in common, can you believe it? (It seems she cannot stop gushing about her husband, so I decided to let her speak.) Even down to political views! It’s unbelievable we are both supporters of the same politician. (As we checked, the Lis are Victor Feng’s top contributors.) I really liked Victor and what he stands for. I think he’s doing an incredible job for San Myshuno.


R: It’s crazy really! The first time I looked at Robert I thought I might have found love… (I mean, I still love Tony, but I believe he does not want me to be miserable all my life.) It is incredible how easy we got along.

Roisin on her wedding day.

R: I don’t know if I can find anyone like him. He has the wits, and he can make witty banters. I really don’t care about his money, I mean, I am rich enough myself. What attracts me the most is that we share the same values. I can feel, he is The One…Ooh! And that’s the spot we got married. (She gestured to the arch.) Can you believe it? It was the same place my parents got married. I think it must be a sign!

S: Finally, moving on to THE question I believe most people are dying to know. What do you look for in a daughter-in-law, and is there anyone you have in mind?

R: Well, first, she has to be likeable and…

S: Ooh? Are you saying social status does not matter?


R: To be honest, I really don’t care about background. I feel it reflects nothing on one’s upbringing really. I have seen a fair share of rich, spoilt brats in my life and I certainly don’t want one of those to marry my son. Que horror. I can’t imagine my son grovelling to their demands! So yes, I will certainly say I value upbringing and mannerism in a person rather than background. And for your second question, I think I kind of fancy Lucielle Stark. She is so talented, so polite, so promising. I will definitely LOVE to have her be part of the family. Really! But of course, ultimately, the choice lies with my son.

Roisin on Role Models


S: So, speaking about people… Besides your grandmother, whom you loved dearly we all know, are there other people that perhaps influenced the way you think, or you know, see life differently?

R: I would say the old Bridgeport’s society queen, Olive Belgravia. I think she is very smart and shrewd. Don’t judge her by the number of divorces she had. She made numerous savvy investments in arts and antiques and believe me, those priceless ones out there, they always appreciates in value. And she knew how to get anything she wanted, which is something I for sure looked up to her to. Like I always said, don’t wait for things to come to you. You go make it happen. That was what she did, and so did I. Though it is a pity she seemed to have fallen off the surface.

S: Some said she finally turned over a new leaf…

R: Or perhaps gotten into disgrace? Who knows? (She laughed heartily) It’s not as if I don’t know how vicious gossips can get. I just had better things to be bothered with.

S: How true! Yes, words don’t get you down…


R: There are so many meaningful things worth spending your time on for sure…

S: Hey! So, what do you think is worth spending your time on?

R: For starters, I will definitely say family. Family always comes first for me. If I’m in a very important function, but if my family is in trouble, I will definitely ditch it to make sure my family is all right. I believe my family is always there for me, so it’s only right to be there for them too.


S: Thank you for your time, Roisin. It is wonderful speaking to you.

R: My pleasure, Sofia! You’re the best!


After speaking to Roisin – twice! I can definitely see what a wonderful person she is. Contrary to popular belief, there is not a single ounce of arrogance in her. She is sweet, family-oriented, and I can see she values intimate relationship. Perhaps underneath that icy exterior is a warm heart she rarely shows. Ultimately, it is an incredible experience interviewing Roisin Moonglow, and I for one will be rooting for her and wishing her all the best!


Next time: Lunch with Lucielle. Where I get to sit down with Lucielle Stark, the multitalented daughter of the billionaire industrialist Tony Stark and have an exclusive chat over what it means to be an heiress, a Stark, and her outlook on life. Stay tuned! And as you can see, I’m so excited already!


This is Sofia Bjergsen, for the Tatler, signing off.


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