3.23. Confrontation

Halliwell tapped at her watch anxiously. “She will be here soon.” She glanced out of the window, trying to catch a glimpse of her entourage – one could never miss her black Rolls Royce, and her bodyguards. It was the most obnoxiously pompous display she had seen.

She shook her head. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She heard about some of her bullying tactics used to cement her position. What kind of influence was she giving to Lance? Should she be surprised about Lance’s gross misbehaviour really?

To be honest, it was an awful buck she longed to pass – you know, send a junior staff to give the patronising apology possible – but she couldn’t. It was Roisin Moonglow whats-her-name that she was dealing with. She knew she could not snub her. Else one phonecall to her connections and bam goes her job. She knew how vicious Roisin could be.

“What a nasty bitch.”

As if on cue, the dreaded Rolls Royce pulled up in the foyer. Giselle straightened her skirt and stepped out of the door.

“Pleased to meet you, Mrs Li.”

The other woman answered with a cold gaze. She helped herself to a sofa and twiddled the huge diamond on her finger, a subtle reminder of her status. And she was glaring at her all the time.

“As if I’m one of her society ‘friends’ – friends being very loosely defined here – seeking her favour.” She cussed silently as she pressed the button on the Espresso machine. She shook her head dismally. “Coffee for you, Mrs Li?”

“Yes I would like to, please.”

The ambience was strangely tense. One was gathering her thoughts as the other desired to step. Roisin tapped her feet impatiently. “Would you please, Ms Halliwell? Victor Feng is expecting me at 3.” She forced a smile, barely concealing the venom within.

“Fancy naming the Governor! How low can you get, bitch?” She thought to herself, looking squarely at Roisin. Of course she could see through Roisin’s intentions. She refused to be cowered though, clearing her throat as she spoke. “About your son Lance, I am very sorry but I am left with no other options but to expel…”

Roisin –

“Expel?” I interrupted a little too loudly. “What exactly had Lance done to warrant an expulsion?” I dropped a subtle hint to her of those exorbitant microscopes that I had so generously contributed not too long ago. Though I could also see Halliwell was not budging, unlike I had hoped. “I’m very sorry Mrs Li, but I’m afraid our school cannot condone bullying…” As reluctant as I was, I knew I had to make a compromise quick.

“Headmistress Halliwell, I am sure there is a consensus we can both reach. And why is it so that I have not received any calls?”

“Check your auto-reject, perhaps?”

My eyes narrowed, “say what?”

How the plum did Halliwell’s number end up here? I thought hard. Lance! He asked to borrow my phone the other day. I didn’t question why. I should have thought something fishy’s going on! But what could I do? Concede? No I could not back off. Retreat was not the question here. This school was the best and it was what Lance needed it as his stepping stone. I thought hard. What else did the school need and who possibly can help me in my case?

Hesitating for a moment, I inched forward. “Headmistress Halliwell, I am sure there are other options to explore. Please let me tell you what I propose…”


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