3.24. Outburst

Lance –


“Now with Michael out, who should we target next?”

“Jonathan? He seemed to be getting on my last nerve with all these smart-alecky behaviour… Can you plumming believe that he actually reminded the teacher to collect our homework?!” Which I didn’t do, as usual, which meant detention for me. Great. He made me miss basketball. Now it was payback time.


“I mean, you should see THAT look on his face. It is priceless really. Ha!” Now it was for sure Michael won’t be coming back, there would be no one left spinning tales to the teacher. Good riddance really, nobody appreciates a little tattle-tale for sure.

Turning around, I suddenly saw mama sitting on the sofa. She didn’t look pleased. Plum! Shouldn’t she be at Bridgeport or somewhere? Leaning close to the phone, I whispered, “Witch’s home. Talk to you tomorrow mate!”


“Hi mama.” I greeted her sheepishly, hoping to make a quick exit afterwards. I didn’t feel like dealing with her now. And usually, it couldn’t be something good for sure.

“STAND RIGHT THERE!” She screamed. Crap! I didn’t remember seeing her so angry before. I thought she wouldn’t risk getting angry ever, for fear that it screws up those exorbitant botox treatments she did to preserve her youth. Extreme facial contortions create wrinkles.

“Um… what seems to be the issue, mama?” I scratched my head. I swore I felt a little guilty here. About my antics in school I mean, but there was no way she could have known right? I was very sure I had intercepted those letters. And mama doesn’t seem to care so much about her letters.


“Headmistress Halliwell called. She said you were expelled.”

“For plum’s sake Lance, expelled!” She shook her head, massaging her temples. “What the PLUM did you do?!” I tried to muster the most innocent look I could give. Mama looked like a bomb about to explode I didn’t think I could stomach her wrath. I glanced nervously to my sides, hoping to find an excuse to make a quick stage left, to get away from nasty witch chanting her spell. Alas! There was none.


“Don’t you know how hard was it for me to convince Halliwell to commute your expulsion to a suspension instead? Even I was ashamed really.”

“You’re a LET DOWN Lance! After I have done so much for you!”


“SERIOUSLY MAMA, DO YOU EVEN CARE?!” I raged. I didn’t know what had triggered my anger, but all I knew was my button had been pressed, sending me on a tirade that I couldn’t stop. “You only care about your money and your stupid status! And impressing all those stupid women around you on how oh-so-much-better you are.”

“I mean, look at you mama. You think you have everything. But all you have are opportunistic bootlickers, and ex-husbands that can’t wait to get rid of you, and ‘friends’ that all secretly hates you…”


I could see that she was stunned. Her face fell for a second, as if I had hit a sore spot square on. Admittedly, I didn’t mean to hurt her like that. But after living with her for so long, I could see through her farce. Mama was so fake. All I could see was a silly woman waving her money about thinking it could solve everything. And from the way she talked her way out of my expulsion, and seeing people bending over backwards for her favour, it really seemed super effective. Plum!


“DON’T YOU EVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!!” She bellowed. I swear she was losing her sanity. “And don’t get into anymore trouble or else… You just don’t seem to appreciate everything that I had done for you! I give you the best of everything but it seems you don’t care.” She turned away from me, obviously disappointed. “Go back to your room, and REPENT.” She hissed.

Plum! I don’t think I was wrong to say my mama’s evil. She knew I couldn’t live without my cards and there she was, holding my supplementary cards hostage. Sometimes I really envied Lincoln. I could see why he choose to live with dad. If only I could find a way to break from her clutches too…

Roisin –


What’s wrong with Lance? Didn’t I give him everything he wanted already? As a mom, I wanted the best for him and I did everything I could to secure his future. What was I doing wrong, nothing surely? People said it was a phase that he would eventually snap out of. Teenagers and their hormones it seemed.¬†Hopefully Lance would get over it soon.


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