Interlude 3: Joice -Hello Windenburg!

Content warning: Features brief nudity. Nothing too explicit tho!

Joice –


Hello babes (and a few dudes out there)! Rest assured I haven’t fell off the surface of the earth. It’s just…daddy passed away. A while back. A few months before uncle Tobias. I’m sure he’s happy that he can finally be with mommy. So I haven’t got the mood to write. But I also know you guys are awesome enough to understand right?




As you loyal readers may know, daddy wasn’t my real daddy. And neither was mommy. Daddy didn’t want any children. Mommy did, but she did not make that wish known to daddy until she was almost an elder. But by that time, she was too old to have any real children so they adopted me. To me, they will always be my real parents. (Who gives a plum about the two glorified chromosome donors who left me in the dumping ground?)



Actually, MY side of the family wasn’t a stranger to adoption. My aunt Ariana was also adopted when she was a child. And aunt Eleanor adopted cousin Autumn too. I would like to think our side are generally more free spirited, and have a heart, unlike that side.

Digressing, have you read What’s-her-name‘s interview on Tatler? Don’t ever freaking bother. My verdict is that it’s dull as dishwasher. I’m inclined to believe some parts are bullshit anyway.

Anyway, onto happier stuff, I have finally moved to Windenburg!


I’ve always said I wanted to move to Windenburg someday. So I guess it is a dream come true? I know I probably said this a thousand times, but I repeat, Windenburg is awesome. Forget about the city. Visit Windenburg if you haven’t. I promise you’ll love it.


And I don’t think I talked about the Bluffs much before, did I? I used to think that place is unimpressive, you know, there’s only trees and foliage there. But that was because I didn’t know what kind of fun I could have back then. Gosh! Why didn’t I heard about it earlier? So yes, trees and foliage isn’t boring. It can be used as a good cover. If you know what I mean. 😛



Of course I invited Marcus and Pablo over. I mean, enjoyment multiples as a group right? But it seemed only Marcus is game enough. 😉 Boo! I didn’t know Pablo is such a prude.


I hate to admit, but I think I really like Marcus. I know it sounds silly but I never thought I’ll find someone like him. He’s cute, he’s funny and oh-my-gosh so sweet, so loving… He’s awesome, and if it comes from me, you have to believe it. He makes me feel like I’d known him for years. Like a old friend that can finish your sentence. Seriously I can go on and on about him and I won’t get bored.


It’s like we’re meant to be soulmates you know? You don’t usually find someone you had such strong feelings for.




All right, I shall cease gushing about Marcus in case you guys run off to puke. Actually, I don’t really believe love at first sight but this time I’ll make an exception. Tho ya’ll have my word I won’t turn this blog to a Marcus fan club. 😛




One picture of Marcus & Me!

See ya’ll! And Marcus said hello too! 😉


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