3.27. Teenagers

Gia –


Some people asked me what it is like being a Moonglow. Seriously? I knew they might have   heard about mama, that so called society darling whatnot. Though to me, she’s just mama. Unfortunately, I didn’t see her around much as I like to. She and her jet setting lifestyle. *eye roll* I don’t know if I’m right to say this but… she’s kinda pretentious? It’s like as if she’s putting up this fancy show for all of high society to see. And don’t get me started on her so called “friends”, those women she had over for tea every damn Sunday. I don’t think they ever talked about anything meaningful except how good is it being rich. *cue dramatic yawn*


Though I can’t deny being a Moonglow had it’s perks too. And I certainly appreciate being able to live it up.


Though somehow it’s not the life I really wanted to live. It’s stifling and boring, having to entertain all these people that you know secretly hates you.


Us three children had parties everytime mama went away. Me, Lance and Lincoln (sometimes). Lance and I were thick as thieves now, sticking together since we were young. I knew all of his shenanigans, including that time he almost drove mama bonkers. (Well, I saw those letters he secretly threw into a bonfire. Even until now, though we agreed mama needn’t know. Not until the school decided to threaten him with another expulsion – not gonna happen though, mama’s one of its biggest contributor.) Lincoln’s kinda prissy, and nerdy. I almost couldn’t believe they’re twins. But I couldn’t blame him can I? Lincoln lived with his dad and somehow behaving like him too. It’s all right though, I trust him enough not to snitch on us.


“Mama’s not in, right?” I nudged Lance. He nodded in affirmation. “In Bridgeport, I think.” I always snuck out at night, though I had to take extra precautions whenever mama was in, but believe it, it wasn’t hard. I mean, being typical teenagers, having fun is my priority.

“Right! I can have a day off from dressing in pretentious crap!” Digging through my closet, I picked a tiny pair of denim and a cute crop top. My favourite ensemble really, though I was fully aware mama would have a fit if I ever got caught dressed like that. Honestly, I don’t understand her wilful insistence to dress prim and properly. Preaching dreary things like skirt length or acceptable outfits for different occasions. It’s all pretentious crap to me. I like being comfy.


I dragged him all the way to the Spice Market. It was my favourite district in the whole of the city really. This place is vibrant. It is lively. It has personality. Unlike the posh, soulless farce that is Uptown. And its equally prim and pretentious residents. (Like mama, shh!) Not surprised if mama didn’t step into this place before, being not “the right side of the city” as it ain’t posh or pretentious like her. But Lance too? There’s so much he’s missing out!




“So, how do you like it here?”

“It’s amazing!” He clapped his hands. “I don’t remember having so much fun…” I raised an eyebrow. I really wondered what my brother had been up to. I mean, how could he have missed such a fun place like this? And isn’t it ‘posed to be older brothers taking their sis out to all the cool places, and not the other way round?

“Let’s do it again sometime then!” I agreed.



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