Interlude 4: Joice – Plum!

Content warning: Contains brief nudity. Nothing explicit, as usual.

Joice –

I’m going to keep this entry private. Because I really don’t want people seeing it or I’m sure they’ll start feeling all sorry for me. I don’t want that. Neither I want unwarranted comments or unsolicited advice from people who know shit. Seriously, keep your opinions to yourself because I don’t wanna hear them.

You know the old saying don’t kick someone when they’re down? I believe many people on the net doesn’t understand that. This is why I choose not to share my vulnerabilities in a public space.


TL;DR We broke up. I dumped his ass.




Of course we started off like every other couple. We were crazily in love. Nobody was more intense, more passionate than Marcus. I almost believed he was The One. People called it the Honeymoon Phase. Enjoy it while it last, because trust me, it’s not gonna last long.




But if you ask me do I regret it… Not one bit. I had fun. While it lasted anyway. To be honest, it was the most exhilarating ride eva. I mean, one had to have experience under the sheets to… Whatever! It’s not the time to say how-oh-ahmazing Marcus is because he is a plumhead.


Seriously I don’t know what they teach in schools because IMHO the Woohoo Education is woefully inadequate. Those people, they only know to preach about not doing it. As if we’re a bunch of nuns in a nunnery. And I swear nobody told me the downside of a all day woohoo marathon.



“Let’s write a guide on how to break it to your boyfriend that you’re preggers!” Said nobody ever. And to be honest, it was the worst thing I had to do. It sucks. I mean, how are you going to plumming do it? Like “hello, guess what I’m pregnant?” Plum!



But I still have to do it right? Right. And I swear nobody said anything about anticipating your boyfriend’s reactions. Lest he didn’t take it well. And I say, it is the MOST IMPORTANT damn thing that one should know because trust me, that plumhead of mine took it in the worst freaking way possible.




So yes, it’s over between us. I mean, I dumped his soggy sorry ass.

Well, that was a month ago. And guess what, sometimes I still missed him. But after reminding myself what a piece of ass he is, I missed him a lot less. In life there will be assholes that break your heart. But you’ll slowly learn to get over him and it will be okay.

And I think, I will be okay too. 🙂



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