Interlude 5: Joice – Motherhood

Joice –

Hi ya’ll! Missed me? Sorry for pulling this disappearing act, but as you know I had stuff to deal with.

And not just my stuff anymore. You know, people said motherhood changes you. It’s true. When you’re young, single and foolish, you tend to do anything you wanted. Be it right or wrong. People telling you otherwise? Blast it! But with another person to take care of, generally, you’ll tend to start thinking in her perspective. Like does she want her bottle? Is her diaper dirty? Blah blah… It’s not about you anymore. So, let’s get down to the top 6 things I learnt being a mom.


1. Don’t ask me why I’m NOT married. Or I’ll shove a cactus down your ass. To put it simply, some people had the choice, but some people don’t. And didn’t anyone tell you it’s rude to judge someone despite knowing nuts about her?

2. Don’t mess with my child. Or I’ll shove a cactus… You get the idea. Tbh, I didn’t know how protective I can get, until I had my daughter. I think you’ll call it motherly instincts. To me, she’s all I have and I’ll do everything for her. I think that’s why people said nothing is greater than a mother’s love. Guess what, it is true!

3. You have to do twice the job… Meaning you have to be the mother, and the father. (Duh! Else who are you expecting to take care of your child for you?) Diaper duties and shushing early morning cries? That’s your job, and yours alone. And when she grows up you have to play the good guy and the bad guy. I don’t know, it’s like I’ve to continuously change face or something… like when your daughter messes up and you had to scold her, yet nicely point it out where she did wrong. It’s a tough, tough job.

4. Potential love interests must get my daughter’s seal of approval. If the girl doesn’t like you, then we’re not getting together. As I’ve said, it is not just about me anymore. It’s imperative my daughter likes the dude that could potentially be her stepfather or something. It’s the best for us IMO.

5. Her business = my business. (Refer to point #2)

6. She’s my best friend. It’s definitely so when she’s all you’ve got. Pardon if I sounded cheesy but she’s like the rainbow to my rain. If I had a plumming bad day, like you know, after encountering h8ters or people that don’t have the courtesy to apologize when they stepped on my toe, I know I could rely on her to cheer me up. She’s my bundle of joy.

See ya guys! You know, I begin to wonder when did I have the luxury of time to take silly selfies and type out a loong ranting post because I can’t seem to find the time to do it now. It’s like I’ve 1001 things to do… adult responsibilities. I used to think responsibilities are for no lifers but it seemed otherwise to me now. So sorry guys, gtg!


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