3.28. Sneaking Out!

Gia –


Can you believe it? Lucielle Stark is almost a permanent fixture to our house now. She’s like mama’s new favourite person or something. She drops by almost everyday, so much so it is impossible not to notice her and her awfully sweet high pitched voice.


To cut a boring story short, mama invited her to tea once. With herself and grandmama.


Grandmama mentioned something like “feel free to come by again, anytime”. Plum! Of course grandmama was just being polite, as any other civilised person would. But somehow she interpreted it as the green light to invite herself over, every damn day. And for sure mama is more than delighted. You know, hanging out with the Starks is a cool thing in her icky society circle.


You might ask why I can’t stand her. The thing is, I find her soooo pretentious and shallow. Like a duplicate of mama really. Her topics solely revolves around designer brands, exorbitant toys and wealth. What an airhead!

I mean, I knew she’s harmless really, in a dumb way. But she makes me hard to like her.


Birds of a feather flock together, it seems.


Talking about awkward! I don’t get why mama forced us to entertain her. It was obvious we would never get along. I mean, neither Lance nor I had any interest in the latest haute couture from Chanel, stuff that she was incessantly yapping about. I really wished I could just ask her to plum off or something, but ahem, we are civilised people.



More often than not, I found myself rolling my eyes at the back of my head. Why can’t she just shut up? Didn’t she understand topics that generally interested mama won’t ever interest us? And seriously, is she really the daughter of the megamind genius Tony Stark? Tony is brilliant as hell, but Lucielle? She’s like a barbie really, thick as a fridge door. I’m convinced genius isn’t hereditary after all.


When Lucielle excused herself, presumably to arrange another private shopping spree, Lance turned to me and made a face. As if to say “kill me”. I laughed. I can totally understand that! I literally died having to sit through her shrill, high pitched banter. I should have totally ditched Lance or something, but I guess I’m loyal like that. 😛


I mean, I couldn’t decide who is more insufferable either: Lucielle or mama.


Lucielle could be back anytime soon, after she decided which boutiques to shut down that is. There was no way any of us would want to entertain her. So giving each other a knowing eye, we snuck out. As usual. I knew our “exit routes” by now.


Auntie Joice (I don’t know how exactly to address her, so I called her auntie as a courtesy. Though she protested it made her sound old.) introduced us to a new karaoke bar in town. Though it was getting hard to ask her out now. 9 out of 10 of the time she said she had baby duties, so she couldn’t join. I understand but it’s a real bummer. She was the one that knew all the fun places with lax ID checks!




Don’t tell him but I think Lance’s singing really sucked. I swear he almost blasted my ear drums.






I forgot what time was it when we finally stumbled out of the club. Partying really made me forget the time! I always fancied a plate of chinese food after that. Somehow I thought it helped to keep the alcohol down. Although I wouldn’t recommend you trying if you’re sober. They tasted mediocre to be honest. But that was the nearest place to get food at ungodly hours, and somehow the alcohol made it taste a little better.

Digressing, if you really liked chinese food though, there’s a lovely little restaurant down the street that I would recommend. 😉


“Oh shit!” Lance suddenly jumped, as if realising something, “it’s almost time for school!”

“Yea”, I shuddered, as we wolfed down our stir fry. We needed to get home before mama realised we had snuck out. Else she would definitely smell a rat I’m sure.



“Whew!” I gasped, as we stood at the door, panting. That was close…


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