3.29. Rebellion

Gia –

That was close…



Unfortunately for us, as we were about to turn around and heave a sign of relief, we saw mama (a.k.a the Wicked Witch) looming ominously over us. I supposed after all these nights, our luck had finally run out. Plum! Talk about shit hitting the fan.

Mama was fuming mad. That I was sure. “Come with me”, she hissed with such menace that I could literally visualise her pouncing on us and sinking her claws in…


Lance and I glanced at each other. It was almost like as if we were two criminals standing before a judge, ready to met out our punishments.


“LANCE!” Fortunately for me (sorry Lance!) mama unleashed her wrath on Lance first. I didn’t quite grasp what she was wailing about, and I didn’t think the tirade sank into Lance either. Typical teenagers, we knew, we would probably brush it off soon as our backs turned.


And finally, after exhausting her breath on Lance, mama turned to me. Wagging an accusing finger. I could almost predict what she would lecture me on. My improper behaviour, indecent dressing “oh Gia, what a plumming mess of an outfit it is!!! You look like a…”, or why was I hanging out with that renegade, or how it was so unbecoming of me blah blah blah… Feigning a dramatic yawn, I blabbered out the 1001 excuses I had already made beforehand. I knew making up excuses would probably aggravate her further, but whatever! I thought it was hypocritical of her to put on this concerned mumsie act now. I mean, she should have paid attention to us way way long ago instead of jetting off every damn day, finding the richest man she could.

I saw mama pinched her temples, as if battling a migraine. She turned away from us, as if we repulsed her so much she couldn’t bear to look at us. After what seemed to be an eternity later, mama finally dismissed us for school.


“You’re grounded!” I turned to Lance, mimicking mama’s voice earlier. We burst out into laughter. If mama expected us to repent whatsoever, she would definitely be disappointed. She had already missed out her chance to pay attention to us and there was no way we would buy into her oh-I’m-concerned act now. I mean, witnessing her society climbing antics and her slew of divorces, Lance and I had already long concluded she didn’t give a damn about anything else that wasn’t money. Else she would’ve probably realised she barely knew her children, vice versa. You might think we resented her, but after so many years we were more like numbed really.


Our biggest wish was to get out of the house really. I knew Lance was looking forward to college, though he wasn’t carved out to study unlike Lincoln, so he could finally move out. I mean, I am grateful for the extremely comfortable life I had (or was it an understatement? Everyone knew how rich mama was) but on the other hand mama was really insufferable. I knew many people secretly hated her, just imagine living with her!

As for me? I’m sure I’ll find ways to make it bearable. And for sure I don’t want to lead a vapid existence unlike these two.



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