4.1. Freedom

Lance –


“Wow!” We heaved a collective gasp as we stood in the lobby. Lincoln and I exchanged glances. It felt surreal, to finally be free. That was the only thing I looked forward to being in college. Pseudo-freedom to be honest here, as the apartment belonged to mama and she had this ridiculously long list of rules we (or actually just I, since Lincoln basically only listened to papa) had to follow. Some of them were quite absurd really, but I’m sure we could work our way around them.


And to be honest, everything about this apartment is awesome. The majestic view, the exquisite decor, and the fact it is the most prestigious address in the city.


It felt good to finally be free. No curfews to abide (well, mama would call now and then to spot check, but she couldn’t see anything through the phone), nobody breathing down my neck and certainly no annoying prissy brat to disturb me. It felt good to be able to binge play Blicblock in peace for sure. The only person I’m currently missing is Gia, but we talked to each other almost everyday. I hope she won’t get driven crazy by mama that’s all!


Oh, and Lincoln had a girlfriend. Can you believe it? My brother is the biggest nerd anywhere in the world and he had a girlfriend! I’d heard apparently her family owned vineyards stretching from Champs Les Sims to Monte Vista. So I think Luna (that’s her name, by the way) definitely had mama’s seal of approval. I think it was quite a big deal, since they won’t have this humongous obstacle to deal with in the future. I’m happy for Lincoln, that’s for sure.



Though at times, I silently cussed them to get a room instead. The level of PDA I’m witnessing between these two is too damn high. Though I’m happy for him that he’s so in love with someone.


And it was hard to believe Lincoln the nerd extraordinaire had a secret passionate side to him. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, blah blah…


And I definitely don’t want to imagine what was going on underneath those covers. Not that I’m secretly spying on my brother or something. That would be extremely creepy. I mean, sometimes I could hear them from my room next door, you know those… I shall spare you the details. :S


Or I could innocuously walk in wanting to borrow a book from Lincoln and saw them in bed together. 😡 Perhaps I should learn to knock. Good for them, but I certainly don’t want to accidentally walk in the wrong time or be around to see it. Talk about awkward!


Undeniably, I felt a little jealous of Lincoln inside. I was supposed to be the cooler twin, I should be the one getting the girls, and yet Lincoln was the first to get a girlfriend. And seeing him so in love… Had I been missing out on things all these while? Perhaps I should reexamine my priorities, starting from the number of hours on Blicblock…

You know, it is always good to pay attention. 😉


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