4.2. Unrestrained


Did I say I was a tad jealous of Lincoln earlier? Well, not anymore! 😛

Because guess what? I have a girlfriend too! She’s Penny Pizzazz, you know, that popular Simstagram star? *Cue gasp* It’s incredible really. I didn’t expect we hit off so well, after I randomly decided to leave a comment on her Simstagram picture. Actually, I didn’t expect her to reply, knowing how many comments she usually got. But she did, and I guess things progressed from there.

It was love at first sight.


Here’s a picture of her. So you know she’s not imaginary or something. 😛








I guessed I liked her because she was so different from the other girls I met. You know, those prissy ones from ridiculously rich families? There are dozens of them in that silly high school I used to attend. They were all the same: preppy, vapid and vain. One prime example would be Lucielle Stark. (I think you get the idea now.)

I suppose I prefer girls with character. And Penny’s a feisty one. 😉



And of course I introduced her to Lincoln. Err… actually he saw her before I officially had the chance to. I had planned to ask her to move in with me anyway. 😛 Though not mama definitely. I knew she would flip. And it was obvious who she already had in mind as the perfect daughter-in-law. Hint: Vapid preppy girls. And obviously there was no way I would bend over backwards. I mean, love shouldn’t be a joke right? What’s the point of marrying someone you can’t stand?


I could see Penny was impressed with the apartment. Anything to keep her happy.




Was it what it meant to be in love? Honestly, I never knew how love feels… especially seeing mama and her slew of ex-husbands. I could sympathise with them actually, I have yet to find one that could stand her overbearing ways. (If you had lived with her for a while, you’ll know.) And it seemed she knew zero about love, or that she didn’t care, as long as they gave her money. (It was almost incredulous how much they gave to be rid of her. Hard to believe someone could actually amass a fortune from divorce settlements like that.) It was the kind of life I don’t want to lead. You know, I longed to be in love really, like settle down with someone whom I loved, and love me back? Could Penny be the one?


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